Gao Sijie, a journalist in Fuyang, takes root in the local writing of the news.-barcarolle

Fuyang reporter Gao Sijie was rooted in local writing news for the Xin’an Anhui Evening News Network (News) 43 year old high Citrix Fuyang land has rooted in 19 years, working in an interview with Months and years pass by. first-line, become a "national excellent journalist". In 2015, 12 year old high Citrix only daughter died of illness, he endure grief donated her kidney and liver and corneas rescue love and four, it touched a lot of people. Gao Sijie is Anhui Funan people, born in November 1973, in July 1997 to participate in the news work, the same year in June to join the Communist Party of China, the Fuyang radio and television Outreach Division Chief, senior reporter. 19 年来,高思杰把根深深地扎在皖北阜阳的土地上,长年累月工作在采访第一线。 Whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter tube routine reports, or "SARS" and "avian flu", "hand foot and mouth disease", the Spring Festival, flood relief, against the snow, earthquake and other propaganda campaign, he can timely and accurately report the news and public opinion guide. Gao Sijie’s footprints were distributed in 172 townships of 8 counties and districts in Fuyang. He independently interviewed about 4000000 copies of TV manuscripts, took more than 2800 hours of images, dispatched more than 8300 articles at Fuyang station, and sent more than 4800 copies to Anhui and CCTV. Among them, there are more than 160 articles, 6 headlines, and 75 awards for the news works and papers. Gao Sijie has also won more than 40 honorary titles, such as the national outstanding communist party member, the era model, the Chinese good man and the national excellent journalist. In February 2015, 12 year old high Citrix only daughter died of illness, he endure grief donated her kidney and liver and cornea rescue four. Later, he again signed a voluntary book, after death decided to donate his corneas, kidneys and liver. Xiang Lei evening news of Fang Bei Bei and reporter of Anhui network Xiang Lei

阜阳记者高思杰一心扎根乡土 书写新闻担当   新安晚报 安徽网()讯 43 岁的高思杰扎根皖北阜阳的土地上已有19 年,长年累月工作在采访第一线,成为“全国优秀新闻工作者”。2015 年,高思杰12 岁独生女儿因病去世,他强忍悲痛捐献女儿肾脏、肝脏、眼角膜救助四人,其大爱之举感动了很多人。   高思杰是安徽阜南人,出生于1973 年11 月,1997 年7月参加新闻工作,同年6 月加入中国共产党,现任阜阳广播电视台外宣科科长、高级记者。19 年来,高思杰把根深深地扎在皖北阜阳的土地上,长年累月工作在采访第一线。不管是春耕、夏收、秋种、冬管等常规报道,还是抗击“非典”、“禽流感”、“手足口病”、春运、抗洪救灾、抗击冰雪、地震灾害等宣传战役,他都能及时准确地报道新闻、引导舆论。   高思杰的足迹遍及阜阳市8 个县市区172 个乡镇,独立采访写作电视稿件400 多万字,拍摄图像2800 多小时,在阜阳台发稿8300 多条,在安徽台、中央台发稿4800 多条。其中,中央台《新闻联播》160 多条、头条6 条,新闻作品、论文获得各类奖项75 次。高思杰也先后获得“全国优秀共产党员”、“时代楷模”、“中国好人”、“全国优秀新闻工作者”等荣誉称号40多项。   2015 年2 月,高思杰12 岁独生女儿因病去世,他强忍悲痛捐献女儿肾脏、肝脏、眼角膜救助四人。后来,他再次签下志愿书,决定百年之后捐献自己的眼角膜、肾脏、肝脏。   方贝贝 新安晚报、安徽网记者项磊相关的主题文章: