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Girls diagnosed with leukemia! This "deadly bowl", you still have to use? Sohu maternal events: 1 year old girl suffering from leukemia, suspected by using formaldehyde exceed the standard of imitation porcelain bowl eat in 2013, Ms. Wu, the 1 year old daughter was admitted to hospital with lymphocytic cell leukemia. Ms Wu said the two sides had no family history of leukemia, her husband and children suspected of the disease, one of the reasons may be related to the imitation porcelain bowl to eat. This porcelain bowl in the street Malatang booth, fast food shop everywhere. Does this picture look familiar to you? The study pointed out that imitation porcelain bowl is a kind of melamine resin material, easily lead to improper use of formaldehyde release. Buy three bowls (A3 powder and A5 melamine tableware material two kinds): A3 material No. 1 bowl, purchased from the wholesale market, the price of 3 yuan; A5 No. 2 bowl, purchased from a large supermarket, the price of 9.5 yuan; 3 A5 material, a bowl, bought in stores, the price of 5 yuan. Many experiments and testing shows that the concentration of formaldehyde in a 1 bowl of boiling water and hot oil releases have exceeded the standard, while the other two in a bowl of hot oil after the release of formaldehyde exceed the standard. So, treasure dad treasure mom how to give the child to choose a safe and reliable tableware? First off: material — six kinds of melamine (melamine tableware) Fangci meal, good chemical stability, easy residual food taste, but many enterprises in order to reduce the cost of raw materials to replace the normal resin moulding powder with the toxic urea aldehyde. When you choose to pay attention to: the bottom of the tableware whether there are enterprise details, production license QS logo and number. Carefully disinfected before first use. Plastic tableware plastic tableware in the process will add some solvent, plasticizer and coloring agents, such as bisphenol A (PC material). The substance has been identified as a toxic environmental hormone that disrupts normal levels of hormones and alters genes. Parents can try to avoid the use of PC tableware. The best choice of colorless transparent or plain, don’t choose inside with pattern, buy when the smell has no strange smell. Do not use high temperature food and too much oil. Stainless steel tableware is caused by heavy metals, heavy metals unqualified is harmful, if long time for soup or containing acidic foods, easily dissolved heavy metals. Choose the quality of the clearance of the manufacturers, buy "18-8" code more secure, the larger the number of chromium nickel content, the better the quality. Ceramic, glass tableware and ceramic tableware tableware fragile, can not let the baby alone. Buy Ceramic tableware is the best solid color pattern and smooth surface. Bamboo tableware less processed, bamboo tableware more simple the safest, best use of natural material. As the paint contains more lead, so do not choose a relatively bright surface, paint varieties. Enamel tableware enamel tableware production cost is high, the process is cumbersome, so rare in the market. Mummy should check whether the purchase of genuine, but also do not choose the wall there are patterns, the simpler the better. Enamel tableware use相关的主题文章: