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God Tucao: Chinese people spend more money to spend you sure? Sohu News – National Day holiday, the minibus friends appeared in the world, although do not go out, even in the circle of friends around the earth. Circle of friends Photography Contest: from your world by the way, thank you go out to play me……   I do not know if this is a holiday abroad to send a friend to drive the global GDP, it is said that now foreign friends are so look at us:   Chinese people to the world, the National Day has now become a celebration of the universe. The Chinese are coming. We are ready to sell! Island friends say, why we know that the national day, followed by blind happy?   even more wonderful is that in October, the trial of Chinese students in University of Southern California,, was pleased to be robbed and killed in the case. The defendant admitted in court, the attack was pleased, just because he was found to be Chinese: he is Chinese, Chinese people must have money." This logic, is not to see the Americans should think: he is an American, the United States must have a gun, will certainly rob.   not only in the United States, now the whole universe is Chinese, China was robbed tourists overseas black and to the news can be seen almost every day. For example, in August this year, the 6 robbers attacked Chinese tourists with tear gas in the French Charles De Gaulle Airport, took luggage, killing two tourists and a translation of the injured; during the national day, a China tourists arrived in Thailand by the local people took away 20 thousand of the value of the gold necklace; in Sri Lanka, China tourists robbed events every week. Occurrence. For fear of alienating Chinese tourists, a travel agency in France even please the bodyguard company to provide security for Chinese tours.   see the national day seven day tour of the bed, I just want to say: it is not a little misunderstanding between us……   I think I dragged the country back, I have to sleep a few nights. Once I was naive, money can buy friendship, money can buy love, money can buy anything you want. I grew up, I realized that I didn’t have that much money…… Barbosa: now I am in love with no hope, just want to make a fortune. Tingting: you are still too young, you can think about love. Make a fortune? Don’t think about it.   why do you think Chinese people are rich? In fact, not the Chinese people are rich, some Chinese people are rich (but not me……).   with Chinese rich Japanese media also deliberately made a show, exposing the Chinese rich dad was driving Ma broke the colorful auspicious clouds, no private plane to Japan bought 10 million yen (649 thousand and 500 yuan) of the pot! In this pot, I guess I have a little strength.   the show also revealed that the pot is too expensive, the Japanese can not afford to buy, all by the Chinese people to buy.   national husband Wang Sicong a dog person, after the kidney 7 out, immediately to the dog, bought 8, caused by the islanders exclaimed. In fact, as early as Sicong]相关的主题文章: