Golden Week refused to see the crowd! National day home party must hand tour

Golden Week refused to see the crowd! The National Day party otaku essential Mobile Games recommended the National Day holiday is coming, you now have no mind completely visual work, just want to celebrate the motherland. In recent years, the major attractions of the national day there will be a blowout phenomenon tourists, such as watching the crowd so boring activities, many small partners are rejected. So, if we can celebrate the golden week at home, and Why not?? today, Xiaobian to recommend several very suitable for the dead house party Mobile Games, National Day holiday by burning them! "Tom recommended Mobile Games: cat Parkour" recommended reason: I’ll take a look at the scenery, a cool way to run to mention "Tom cat Parkour", many people first think of the game in the group of weird, extraordinary adorable pet hero. However, the key to the small series, but the game has a unique scene map. "Tom cat" Parkour has now opened the 7 levels, from the bustling city to quiet quiet forest, from the scorching beach to the cold snow, covering almost all types of tourist attractions in reality. Especially in the new version of the opening "unlock scene" feature, game player can directly enter the late checkpoint Parkour checkpoints, enjoy the charm of natural and humanistic landscape. In all homes will be able to "travel", that would be fun! Mobile Games recommended: "bear love" to eliminate the recommended reason: what brain hole wide open more interesting? "Bear" cartoon series by domestic children’s favorite movie, won the "bear bear heart return" genuine authority "love is the elimination of" bears won many "friends" in favor. Despite the elimination of class Mobile Games has now reached "walk the streets as much as dogs", but "love" is to eliminate the bears with the original six, Tian word, regional synthetic elimination method, so that the pursuit of novelty the operating experience of the game player brain hole wide open. During the holiday, a complete farewell to the unit and the school bound to a house, can play at home to eliminate the casual travel hand, enjoy a rare free time. Recommended Mobile Games: "run it brother 4- tear famous wars" recommended reason: National Review ran 4 men, while playing "Running Man 4" trigger ratings boom "of the year! Run brothers" in the fourth quarter in early July ending, I believe there are a lot of "running man" fans still event. If you are going to the wonderful moments in the National Day period were run 4 men, might as well enjoy the "run it brother 4- is famous war" brings fascinating experience. Good blood game inherited the "running man" variety show, the funny and Huan off the end; the characteristics of "tear brand" gameplay and cool through play, making the game more exciting rhythm. Look at the running man 4+ play "run 4 male" holiday, definitely worth looking forward to: "3D ~ Mobile Games recommended speed 2 race" wild – Recommended reason: holiday too exciting, no time to explain to some racing "in the life of leisure in the stimulus elements, can make the holiday more rich and colorful. When the car with the roar of the hurricane go by like the wind engine when adrenaline surge feels bel cool! "3D 2" wild coaster race is a racing Mobile Games such a "stimulus", the cleverly!相关的主题文章: