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"Goodbye" tile City Leading poster exposure Ke Zhendong stills significantly thin "goodbye" tile City POSTER "goodbye" tile City Tencent entertainment news (easy style stills) "goodbye" tile City at the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival series debut, the film launched today leading poster. Starring Ke Zhendong and Wu Kexi as lovers in the film posters, the background for the Songkran, the poster Ke Zhendong exposed happy smile, hand holding actress Wu Kexi. Another piece of stills, Ke Zhendong figure is very thin. "Goodbye tile City" story took place in Thailand, Ke Zhendong, Wu Kexi incarnation in the film workers. Ke Zhendong in front of the film in Burma to experience the local life, the film in the local dialect and people can not recognize. They are leading the poster of Thailand’s famous "Water Splashing Festival" to celebrate the festival, because they are after work and colleagues in the carnival Festival, relieve the busy work pressure. Director Zhao Deyin said: "this is a very important turning point in the feelings of the two scene, they later mutual promises to give a token of love, to making a commitment." This is Ke Zhendong, Wu Kexi for the first time in the water splashing Festival, two people are very excited, the crew prepared two strong water column, large surround sound, and secretly ask the director play drinking warm atmosphere, the square outside the factory immediately transformed into a super busy Songkran scene. But the demo once, they were frightened by the intensity of the water column, open her eyes, contact lenses are almost lost. Ke Zhendong said that he will not make before the shooting dance director Zhao Deyin to university dance skills to move out, "according to his clothes, the clothes" action to dance, laugh over the entire crew immediately. In fact, as soon as he heard the music, he naturally twisted, and Wu Kexi thought he showed the simple, active side of the hero. Wu Kexi is good at dancing, in this scene, but not his dancing cell, she thought before the shoot growth background actress lotus green, think of her role should be a don’t know how to dance the country girl, so she will not keep up the pace, the basic stand. You can see Ke Zhendong with the music of natural swing, let her envy to shout: "I really want to play a game!" "Good bye" tile City is a transnational love film production, described lotus green (Wu Kexi ornaments) reach Thailand met working Okuni (Ke Zhendong decoration), two people each other, rijiushengqing, girls and boys want to return home together, but the girl has a dream to go to Taiwan, we love each other but dreams and values are the differences, beautiful love gradually heartbreaking. The film will be shown in the subsequent closing premiered at the Busan Film Festival and the Golden Horse Film festival.相关的主题文章: