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Guangdong Media: the national team is not out but I don’t care about it (Figure) – Sports Sohu   a satirical scene before entering the East extension of the stadium, to see countless fans lined the streets to welcome the team’s bus Chinese. The fans in the face with Flag Sticker, wore red scarf, holding a scarf, everyone is a sincere heart. Go inside, just think of the body before the fans are very poor, because every time filled with blood may usher in a failed result. But once again, there is no pity, because they are with hope, hope is more important than anything else. When the players warmed up, Lippi sat alone in the coach’s seat, which was the same as he did at Juventus and evergrande. Media Gallery journalists are talking about Lippi, this is sure of the way. We are naturally optimistic. Since Lippi took China team coach, Xu Jiayin and Chinese FA money to a lot of people to buy a little seems to have no hope. But before the visiting team coach Fossati said the sentence was quite interesting: "thank God, I am not with Lippi’s contest, 11 Chinese players with 11 Qatar players contest." At that time to listen to Fossati’s tone, a bit ironic. Now recall, this is more ironic. The weak US Lippi, the best coach does bring some changes. Chinese team in the first half of the basic suppression of Qatar, the game is also an absolute advantage, the players are more confident, the overall sense is better than before. Lippi did everything he could do in half a month’s time, this might make us feel pessimistic: have done so well, how can not enter the ball? After losing to the South Korean team, the Chinese team home 0 to 0 Ping Iran, home to lose the Syria than 0, away from the game than the 2 loss of Uzbekistan, home to more than 0 square meters of Qatar, no goals for 374 minutes, 0 minutes, no more than. 6 hours do not shoot, in the top twelve such as war, the turf is the game of androgens, we are weak. You can look at the Chinese team from many angles, you can say that under the leadership of Lippi, the team will slowly get better. Yes, this angle is very positive, very sunny, but if you are standing in the Chinese team out when the team go back the next 5 games to 3 wins 2 flat 13 points last team to get third? Are you still awake? The real impact of the World Cup team China funny, both inside and outside the field of all the emotional ups and downs are real, but when calm down, feel the whole story is funny. We always complain that there is no good striker, because foreign aid in the league has occupied the most critical position, our striker can not get exercise. Funny is that: if there is no Jianye foreign aid striker Patti Neo stop North Korea, out in the round of forty. China FA knew Gao Hongbo lack of level, but let him notch in the dense fog of the twelve season. Gao Hongbo took 4 games, the Chinese team into a dead end, the Chinese football association with the world’s best coach to replace the world’s worst coach". Funny is that the sheep have run away, spend huge sums of money to buy the best materials to repair the smell of sheep相关的主题文章: