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Guangzhou auto show brings the protagonist halo models only these 6? This is a car Sohu asked to share the original article, from the writer Liu Peng. When the circle of friends you are still with double eleven with victories, ask Jun has been aware of, suddenly we have arrived at the car of the year ring last stadium — Guangzhou auto show. If the Beijing show is popular car prices for the second half of the year’s harvest and ready to do so, the Guangzhou auto show is playing the role in the past, the means that manufacturers this year’s annual sales target in the final sprint, and then is to pave the way for the next year at the beginning of the Shanghai auto show car. Mention of "show", actually each related to the heart are not consciously heartbeat, feeling a little shiver all over though not cold. This means that manufacturers, media, PR companies, to build the company and so also the open super overtime mode; Kanguan have emerged in the brain model, luxury cars, crowded and dirty, brought gifts and other words. The Guangzhou auto show, nearly more than 40 new models and new generation models will be listed first or, these models are "time and again starting out", some "veiled". But a little note can be seen, the vast majority are gimmicks, not only models already not fresh, but also the price is not the price, not to configure a single configuration is a single, "buddy pants off, just give us a look at this" feeling. Ask the king’s eyes, only the following 6 cars which can, in the confusion of the show after leaving sustained attention and after the listing of sales. Chevrolet Equinox (probe) Chevrolet Equinox for those who are not too concerned about the North American market may be a little strange, but the actual first generation Equinox models in 2004 has been launched in North america. Since the listing, the market in North America has been entrusted with the Honda CR-V and Ford: "dislocation competition" heavy burden. Its large space to show the practicality of it in the North American market has a high appeal, Chevrolet’s two best-selling models position proved its popularity in the North American market. The joint venture SUV market demand in the domestic market level 200 thousand is still strong, the Tiguan, CR-V and other popular models still maintained more than ten thousand months of sales, obviously Chevrolet sales in this market segment still has a large potential to rise, and as the Chevrolet killer Equinox just make up for this vacancy. But considering the Chevrolet in the high-end models in the domestic influence and competitiveness, to open the Chinese market, must make a reasonable price. Jeep Guide (domestic) Jeep speaking guide, it was the blood of countless young dream, Jeep brand’s unique design style gene, the Grand Cherokee and ultra high degree of recognition. Unlike the old guide to the whole system imported, new guidelines will be made by Fiyak Guangzhou, compact SUV positioned between the free man and free light, its power to other compact SUV threats can not be overlooked. As long as the guidelines for the right price, I believe there is a group of people with the original dream to pursue. And panoramic skylight, a key.相关的主题文章: