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Pregnancy Low Cost Surrogacy in India. Indian surrogacy procedure, costs, overview and FAQs. Know more about commercial surrogacy in India and availability of surrogate mothers in India. Surrogacy can be describes as one of the well- accepted methods of assisted reproduction, that benefits patients who can’t conceive or carry a pregnancy to term. "Such people ,intended parents can take the help of surrogates, who carry their child in the uterus and then hand it over to the genetic parents, post-delivery.Surrogate mothering takes place when an infertile couple asks another woman to carry their fertilized egg in her womb. The woman is usually paid to carry the embryo and once born she hand over the child to the couple. As per the IVF technique, the egg of the biological mother is fertilized with sperms of the father in a test tube. The embryo is then transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother. Infertility is like a chronic illness and couples invest a lot of time, energy and money to fulfill their desire of building a family.Infertility treatments, whether through IVF or surrogacy, creates families. Of late, there has been a growing demand for Indian surrogate babies from foreigners, infertile couples in India and even single mothers – making the country a preferred destination for such a service.More and more childless couples who come to India with the hope of going back home with their very own bundle of joy. Fertility tourism is big business now. In these times of globalization and market-driven economies, there’s considerable demand for surrogacy service.Surrogacy outsourced to India,a growing trend. Sometimes patients have had repeated IVF failures or recurrent miscarriages, and surrogacy is used as an option.However, an increasing number of healthy, married working women are now making inquires about surrogate motherhood. Keen to be mothers and yet not willing to put their careers on hold during the childbearing months, these career-driven women have given a new twist to the concept of outsourcing. While commercial surrogacy is banned in many countries – including Italy, Australia, Spain and China – and permitted with restrictions in the US, France and Germany,but Commercial surrogacy has been legal in India since 2002. Also variously called "wombs for rent","Commercial surrogacy", "paid surrogacy", "outsourced pregnancies" or "baby farms", compensated surrogacy refer to a form of surrogate pregnancy in which a gestational carrier is paid to carry a child to maturity in her womb and is usually resorted to by well off infertile couples who can afford the cost involved. Some Reports also suggest that the number of such cases has more than doubled in the last three years. The reasons: pocket-friendly surrogacy,IVf treatment in India, world-class heath care facilities, a large base of English-speaking doctors, relatively fewer legal hurdles… the list is long.IVF, embryo adoption and egg donation are very popular and a major reason for this is its cost effectiveness. The high costs of surrogacy in Europe,Australia,USA and Scandinavia led to the popularization of surrogacy tourism, where couples employ surrogates and gestational carriers in other countries. Surrogacy costs in India, which are considerably less than the rest of the world. Foreigners choose Surrogacy in India because doctors here are known to be more caring. Also, while clinics in Europe,Australia,USA and Scandinavian may allow doctors to implant only two embryos in a surrogate’s uterus, in India this can go up to six embryos at a time – increasing the chances of conception. Surrogacy in India has become an increasingly popular alternative for Americans, Europeans, Australians and Scandinavians intended parents. Parenthood is a life changing and eternally rewarding experience and Many have chosen surrogacy as a successful way to bring a child into their lives. The key to ensuring that the treatment process is relatively hassle-free is to choose the right clinic, one that lays down protocols and guidelines, advises Dr.Gautam Allahbadia,Is IVf ,surrogacy specialist and the Director of Rotunda -The Center for Human Reproduction, the world-renowned infertility clinic at Mumbai, India. Contact author For more detailed information on surrogacy,surrogacy india, surrogacy in india,Commercial surrogacy,surrogacy clinic india,Wombs for Rent,Egg Donation,Egg Donation india,Surrogacy Overseas,Surrogates,Indian Surrogates,Surrogacy Cost In India Info On Cost Surrogacy Mumbai India, Surrogacy Hospitals India, Surrogacy Surgeon. Rotunda- Centre for human reproduction Phone:+91 22 2640 5000 Call us from uk on:44-2080997519 Call us from USA on:1-714-2740122 email: [email protected] 相关的主题文章: