Guo Degang is not a master he is not a good

Said Guo Degang is "benevolence division"? He is not a good boss from the public, the entertainment capital of author: light weight Mei Gao Qin show editor: Li Xinrong Cao Yunjin micro-blog led to a long circle of friends at the scraper, Guo Degang is not a teacher ren. Yesterday afternoon, comedian Cao Yunjin published an article entitled "is also the time, an end to the" long micro-blog, draw a line with master Guo Degang. The article directed at all kinds of Guo Degang’s own "squeeze" and unfair. This thing is the fuse two days ago, Guo Degang announced a new Deyunshe genealogy in micro-blog, which refers to the use of two cloud word stage name, because qishimiezu, especially to the back stage name from his legacy. Today, Guo Degang’s agent responded: do not want to I sentence you yell. People want to eat melon to watch the mood was immediately poured cold water, hoping to see the master two empty argument, but did not expect such a dormant. Guo Degang is not a "master"? The door and the audience love comic comic own arbitrate, and now all the media on Guo Degang for a full range of exposure, has provided rich data evidence for people to eat melon. The "master" two words is not only art heritage, in addition to the traditional code of conduct between master and disciples. You can say it again, Guo Degang is not a "benevolence division" with different standards to judge whether there will be a different conclusion: Cao Yunjin called Guo Degang to kill him, Yue Yunpeng called his all to the master. But Guo Degang from a toss up billions of dollars of entertainer business, not only set up a "Deyunshe" this comic brand, also carried out their business expansion in the film, food, clothing, and other aspects of training, Guo Degang’s identity is multiple, in addition to "Deyunshe" troupe, the disciple of the master, or a businessman, corporate companies. Whether it is "Ren" melon people do not know, at least from the perspective of business success can judge whether Guo Degang is a good boss. From Guo Degang’s commercial territory, Guo Degang involved in the industry and many, from the "Deyunshe" performing arts, "Guo family", Devon costumes, training schools, wine business, micro business and so on, but these businesses are known only Deyunshe, other businesses are regarded as Guo Degang’s works: "Guo family fail, no clothes except Devon Deyunshe market, micro business selling mask in addition to show their own star resources will no longer below…… Compared to the same sustained by the mentoring relationship between Zhao Jiaban, Zhao Benshan have their own business according to the media ideas and thoughts, not only the film had a series of successful works, artist Xiao Shenyang, Song Xiaobao also has a strong market appeal under the flag, and was used by Zhao Benshan. Cao Yunjin long accused Guo Degang of not a "benevolence", from another perspective, Guo Degang is not a good boss. The new system meets the old rules Deyunshe is a company but also with Cao Yunjin a long paper will be lifelong contract between him and Guo Degang to shake off the mentoring relationship. Summary of Cao Yunjin controls.相关的主题文章: