Hainan, a construction company to the school fined 300 thousand yuan more than 17 yuan 9c8836

Hainan engineering company to the school 300 thousand bribes fined 17 million yuan – Beijing   Washington (reporter correspondent Li Xuanfu Guo Yanhua) for "care" in the project, the project responsible person to the Hainan Province second school former president to send 300 thousand yuan. If convicted of bribery, bribery in business Qi of Hainan Construction Engineering Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Kei company") in August 12th by the Haikou municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau fined 17 yuan. Prosecutors to identify, during the period from March 2010 to 2014, the former Hainan Second Health School President Wang Zhumou took advantage of his position to seek benefits for others in the dormitory building construction, teaching construction, teaching equipment procurement and other aspects, illegally accepting Panmou 7 bribes totaling 1 million 548 thousand yuan. For accepting bribes prosecuted by procuratorial organs, October 13, 2015, Haikou City Intermediate People’s court sentenced Wang Zhumou ten years and six months imprisonment, deprived of political rights for two years, confiscation of personal property 100 thousand yuan. In December 9, 2015, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Haikou city law enforcement officers found Kei company from 2013 to 2014, allegedly by commercial bribery means to obtain the construction of Hainan Second Health School training building (two floors underground) construction project, obtain improper benefits. In order to ascertain the facts, the Bureau on December 16, 2015 investigation. Identified, September 29, 2013, Kei company won the Hainan Province second vocational training building (two floors underground) project bid notice, in December 25th of the same year, the legal representative Wang Shengbin second on behalf of the company and provincial school signed the project construction contract, the contract price of 4 million 20 thousand and 500 yuan. In order to obtain more trade opportunities, get second school principal Wang Zhumou original in engineering, engineering undertaking construction and acceptance in the business of care, project leader Lee from the project, from 300 thousand yuan to the king Zhumou. In February 25, 2014, the completion of Hainan Second Health School engineering projects undertaken by the company’s Kei company, profits more than 7.2 yuan from. Haikou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Li Qi is the company appointed project manager, responsible for organizing the construction site construction, bribery should be regarded as job behavior, and taking bribes in the Kei company accounts in disguise rushed account, the company obtained the Kei related revenue in the commercial bribery in. Haikou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau make administrative penalties as follows: KEI company confiscated illegal income 7.2 yuan, a fine of 100 thousand yuan. Then according to Qi company served administrative penalty hearing this book "". The absence of such statements and arguments within the statutory period, did not request a hearing.相关的主题文章: