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Han then hundreds of thousands of people rallied for four consecutive weeks has been down Park – Sohu Military Channel text with map: local time November 19, 2016, South Korea Seoul, South Korean people continued demonstrations, for park Geun hye to step down, "political scandal to bear responsibility. Xinhua news agency, Seoul, November 19: hundreds of thousands of South Korean people on the 19 day in downtown Seoul to hold mass rallies, asked the government to "close politics" incident Cui Shunshi core figure of accountability, and urged the park to resign. This is also the event since the exposure, the South Korean people held a massive weekend protests around. According to organizers, a total of about 600 thousand people attended the rally. But the police estimate that the actual participation of the public about 170 thousand people. The same day, there are more than 1500 public organizations to participate in activities, such as common requirements by candlelight rally "dry Park responsible for political cronies" incident, and step down immediately. After the rally, the people together to participate in the call, Pu Jinhui step down, it is the order of the people, such as the slogan of the multi direction to Chong Wa Dae, began a massive street protests. Many candidates who just finished the college entrance examination to participate in the day’s protests, they are particularly dissatisfied with the daughter of Cui Shunshi was admitted to Ewha Womans University, South Korea is not normal. Seoul candidates Zheng Huizhu said in an interview with reporters, said: college entrance exam is really difficult, and the daughter of Cui Shunshi was admitted in an improper manner, which is to ridicule the behavior of the people." South Korea’s opposition Democratic Party and the National Party also participated in the day’s rally. The common democratic representative Akimi Ai said, Pu Jinhui is down in politics, this will not forgive the country towards destruction, self organization regime. Pu Zhiyuan, chairman of the National Committee of the party and the chairman of the emergency response Committee said it would unite with the people, we must let Park Geun hye step down. With the "trusted intervention" events continue to ferment in South Korea, public opposition more and more directly to Pu Jinhui. According to South Korean media reports, the same day, in addition to Seoul, Daegu, Kwangju, Daejeon, Jeju and other regions of the country’s more than and 60 people also held a rally against. At present, the South Korean prosecutors are working on the right and political corruption involving a comprehensive investigation. According to reports, the prosecution will be 20 to fraud, abuse of power, such as the case of the core figure Cui Shunshi, as well as the former chief secretary of policy adjustment before Chong Wa Dae, former deputy secretary of the public prosecution of Zheng Hucheng, An Zhongfan. Some analysts said, when prosecutors may have relevance in the petition together with the case of the Pu Jinhui list. This opportunity to request to resign Park may further rise, the political circle may also formally discuss matters of impeachment. According to Gallup, South Korea’s 18 poll published, in November, Pu Jinhui’s support rate of three consecutive weeks is only about 5%, and the previous South Korean President support rate lowest, especially in people aged 30 to 39 years old in the support rate is almost zero.相关的主题文章: