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Harbin nine elderly people play roller skating for 15 years. They practice "roc spread their wings" life report October 9th. Sometimes they lean on the speed skating, sometimes rotate in situ, and sometimes do a "roc spread their wings", and sometimes another "Peacock Flies Southeast". In Harbin Daoli District Yunhua square, an old man skilled to complete a series of actions. Look, this hand, can you see that he is a nine – day old man? Yes, this is the 89 year old at the old man who has been playing roller skating for 15 years. 89 year old people roar to play roller skating. There is only half a football field in the field of roar who plays roller skating, but he skates 20 laps here every day and changes a variety of movements frequently. While over speed skating, while spin, while a small leg "Peacock Flying southeast……" "Take a break, Dad. I’ll dance with you to relax." Yu Xiaofeng, the little girl, saw him sweating and let him stop for a rest. Although there is no musical accompaniment, the dance of the father and daughter is very graceful. The old man practise Dapeng’s wings to show his wings to the old man, and his old home is in Hunan. In 1958, he transferred from the army to Harbin and became a teacher. Over the years, he has always insisted on writing brushes, playing basketball, playing table tennis and long distance running. 15 years ago, he happened to find someone playing roller skating in the square, and he was fascinated by the sport. "Play the first year of roller skating, because of unskilled technology, inadvertently fall, the waist sprain. After a few months of treatment, the recovery. " In the roar of the old man said.

哈尔滨九旬老人玩轮滑15载 练就“大鹏展翅”   生活报10月9日讯 时而俯身速滑、时而原地旋转、时而做一个“大鹏展翅”、时而又来一个“孔雀东南飞”……在哈市道里区的运华广场上,一位老人熟练地完成了一系列轮滑动作。瞧,这身手,您能看出来他是一位九旬老者吗?对,这就是89岁的于啸老人,玩轮滑已有15年了。 89岁老人于啸玩轮滑。   于啸老人玩轮滑的场地只有半个足球场大,但他每天都会在这里滑20圈,并频繁地变换各种动作。一会儿俯身速滑,一会儿原地旋转,一会儿又小幅度抬腿来一个“孔雀东南飞……”“爸爸,你歇会吧,我陪你跳舞轻松一下。”小女儿于晓峰看到他出汗了,就让他停下来歇一下。虽然没有音乐伴奏,但是父女俩的舞姿却很优美。 老人练习大鹏展翅   据于啸老人介绍,他的老家在湖南。1958年,从部队转业来到哈尔滨,当上了教师。这些年,他始终坚持写毛笔字,玩篮球、打乒乓球和长跑。15年前,他偶然在广场上发现有人玩轮滑,从此就迷上了这项运动。“玩轮滑的第一年,因为技术不熟练,不慎摔倒,将腰扭伤。经过几个月治疗,才康复。”于啸老人说。相关的主题文章: