Haze hit the city at the foot of the foot of the ecological habitat of the new site caused by the pu-truffe

Haze hit the foot of the city at the foot of the ecological habitat of the new site caused by the pursuit of customer groups for the ecological health of the demanding, has been a hard target for high-end customer groups to choose home. Today, Beijing haze hit the city, healthy habitat once again become a topic of public concern. Fragrant Hills four seasons (real estate information) hardcover existing homes, with the scientific planning of the landscape garden and the external scarcity of natural ecology, has become the city’s most expensive ecological habitat habitat. The location of the town of Sijiqing, enjoy the 60% high green Sijiqing town on the Beijing Sheung Shui location, planning and construction of the implementation of the "luyuyangba" ecological park. Focus on the organization of green five battles, invested green funds of 4 trillion, to achieve green coverage of more than 60%, per capita green area of up to 415 square meters. At present, the town formed plant populations of many species and multi color configuration and multi levels, formed in spring summer autumn trees, All flowers bloom together., a riot of colours, a wild profusion of vegetation in winter, three quarters of flowering, evergreen, the king is everywhere, is a beautiful piece of landscape forest, be worthy of the name " Jingxi Pearl ". Construction of 18 theme gardens, and enjoy the natural oxygen breathing Xiangshan four absorbed the essence of the royal garden design, landscape architecture and the reasonable planning, the Mediterranean Style 7 – 8 European neoclassical villa orderly arrangement, the central axis of the landscape to guide the overall focus on the proportion and hierarchy, park covering area reached 31905 square meters. The whole landscape with natural scenery aromatic Qinyuan "as the theme, with undulating terrain, well-proportioned plants, meandering streams, and with flowers and rocks, to build 18 major regional distribution and the formation of unique functional landscape wit, place oneself among them, like the time of a close dialogue with nature. Alcohol oxygen breathing, quiet leisurely. Haidian pure new hardcover existing homes, enjoy living in the mountain near the water and ecological become a generation of chasing the noble way of life, but also the essence of Chinese landscape complex. "As good as water, water benefits all things without struggle". Water clarity, smart wisdom, bring people open-minded life. Artificially high mountain peaks". The majestic mountains and magnificent to passionate spirit, boost careers. Xiangshan four well versed in contemporary literary landscape for your yearning, choose the site on the feet, "the extreme scarcity of royal garden landscape" Jade Spring hill, the Summer Palace, the capital of the famous lakes, the Yongding River to return to living idea. The use of international brands hardcover, design 270 degree viewing surface, giving storage space, so that the space is more spacious atmosphere, more comfortable life. The building is full of vitality because of the landscape, Xiangshan throughout life, is accompanied by natural scenery, more sunlight, air and natural enrichment of 200 – 630 square meters of space diversity, is undoubtedly the most ideal place of residence in the city.相关的主题文章: