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Health Selecting an electronic cigarette to address your nicotine addiction is not as easy as it sounds. There are far too many sellers out there who want to make a quick buck out of selling these tobacco alternatives. Sadly, most of these are harmful as stated by the FDA. On the other hand, not all electronic cigarette manufacturers should bear the brunt of these unscrupulous individuals. There are reputable .panies like Green Smoke which ensure that they are not your average run of the mill electronic cigarette manufacturers. This electronic cigarettes review aims to provide you with accurate knowledge so that you could find the best electronic cigarette out there. Recently, the US FDA has prohibited the import of electronic cigarettes. In its statement, the FDA stated that they have started an investigation and at the moment, made the decision to refuse the entry or import of e-cigars because electronic cigarettes could be considered as new drugs that require FDA regulation. This should not be taken out of context. The word "impor"t means the entry of electronic cigarettes from another country going inside the United States. Electronic cigarette manufacturers that are already inside the United States are not covered by this ban. The electronic cigarette manufacturer, Green Smoke is in an advantage because its operations are found within the United States. One of the earlier pioneers of the industry, Green Smoke, started its operations in 2007 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Unlike disreputable .panies, Green Smoke, provides all the information that you need about its .pany. It has the telephone number listed at the very top of its website and has an extensive list of information that could help you find what you need. This electronic cigarettes review is also apt to point out that having a headquarters situated within the geography of your target market is a very good plus sign on behalf of the .pany. As such, you could be assured that this .pany hires Americans, to produce American goods that would benefit Americans and the whole world. The significance of this is quality. Here’s more information that this electronic cigarettes review would like to give: GOOD REPUTATION By setting Green Smoke’s operations on American soil, they have managed to beat out other electronic cigarette manufacturers who manufacture their goods outside the United States, and some who don’t even have .pany headquarters! This bolsters the reputation of Green Smoke as a dedicated American .pany that keeps its consumers health in mind. EXTENSIVE INFORMATION Let’s face it, we live in the information age and the .pany which realizes this will be the dominant .pany. Green Smoke does and in fact pro actively gives out valuable information about their .pany so as to familiarize the understandably skeptical consumer. This proactive approach ensures that Green Smoke will be a dominant player in this fast rising industry. THE DOWNSIDE This electronic cigarette review would not be a review if it doesn’t have a downside. Now that we understand what Green Smoke’s best benefits are, it’s time to put a little constructive criticism on how it could improve its operations. From what I could see, Green Smoke could benefit more and actually sell more by lowering the price tag on its products. Lots of people are currently addicted to tobacco but not all of them could afford Green Smoke. For Green Smoke to truly reach its highest potential it must match the price tag being offered by the actual tobacco .panies. Real cigarettes are still cheaper, making electronic cigarettes a thing to be enjoyed only by those who can buy it. In the end, the fight against nicotine addiction and large tobacco .panies is only the beginning. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: