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Henan comprehensive construction of public rental housing provident fund to expand the coverage of the Sohu – Xinhua News Agency Zhengzhou October 26th news (reporter oasis) Henan provincial government recently released commercial housing inventory to the action plan for three years: by the end of 2018, the municipality city commercial housing inventory to cycle down to the following 12 months, 2/3 county-level city commercial housing inventory the cycle to drop below 18 months. According to the plan, in the future, Henan province will fully stop the government on the construction of public rental housing, affordable housing and encourage housing rental platform company specialized operations and the operation of owner occupied housing residents resettlement shantytowns demand outside, meet the conditions for the protection of public rental housing or other housing rental demand object. To encourage consumption, expand the coverage of housing accumulation fund system policies and measures, will meet the conditions of migrant workers, individual industrial and commercial households, flexible employment personnel into the housing provident fund benefits, and housing provident fund deposit included in the labor contract matters. At the same time, encourage farmers into buyers before the end of this year, Henan will introduce "farmers home loan" supporting the implementation rules, further play its supporting role on the housing consumption. In addition, Henan will further strengthen the enterprise market access and clearance management. Support the backbone of the province’s real estate development enterprises through the brand output, cooperation and development to participate in the county real estate development. For nearly 3 years without development projects, no tax declaration of the enterprise, to reduce the level of real estate development qualification, revocation of qualification and other ways to withdraw.相关的主题文章: