Henan next rainstorm westerly withered trees don’t forget to wear long johns (video) ssdao

Henan next rainstorm westerly withered trees don’t forget to wear long johns Bai Zhoufeng – reporter Liu Rui literary photography Washington a day of rain, wind withered trees, send cold. Yesterday morning, as the invasion came cool, a lot of people just out of the gate, it was cold shock to go home, put on thick long sleeved, some even wear long johns. Yellow flower abortion, ring bearing residues, did not fall from yesterday so real, the earth remains for summer, was swept away. After this cooling, the temperature of our province, it will be difficult to restore the level of more than and 30 degrees celsius. According to the forecast, today, cloudy province south and east to the south, Xinyang, Zhumadian, Zhoukou, Shangqiu four area and Nanyang area and Gushi, Luyi, Yongcheng, Xincai with light rain, which in some areas in Xinyang and Gushi have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain; other area is cloudy. Tomorrow to the day after tomorrow, the province of the eastern, southern cloudy with light rain, of which some parts of the southeastern part of the moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain; other areas cloudy to cloudy. In the area of rainfall, the temperature will be low. While other regions, the low temperature situation will be temporarily suspended. Zhengzhou today is sunny to cloudy weather, the maximum temperature of 21 degrees celsius. Friday, cloudy, maximum temperature increased to 23 degrees celsius. On Saturday, the cloudy day turned sunny and the temperature continued to rise to 28 degrees celsius. On Sunday, the weather continued, the maximum temperature rose to 30 degrees celsius. By next Monday, October 3rd is the end of sunny cloudy, the highest temperature is rising to 32 degrees celsius. However, with the gradual deepening of the autumn and frequent cold air disturbance, the highest temperature has not yet established a foothold, it will become history. Next Tuesday, October 4th, Zhengzhou cloudy to continue, but the maximum temperature to fall back to 28 degrees celsius. According to the medium and long term forecast, after the holiday in Zhengzhou, the maximum temperature will drop to 14 degrees celsius. What specific concept, we can feel. (newspaper) video: the massive cooling raid on Jilin will welcome the local people behind the winter snow today infraredimages: Henan guy video city in January to spend 200 thousand or gambling entertainment today hot news: Henan released "eleven" travel to remind these sections please try to avoid a district of Luanchuan in a Tibetan mastiff drop from the clouds terrified passers-by Zhengzhou police cracked a large drug trafficking case 4 packets of drugs hidden in the mail of Zhengzhou pregnant nurse midwife for half an hour after the end of his slumped on the ground. Women’s feelings of frustration in the car to send photos with blood bestie self mutilation相关的主题文章: