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High school Mu class collection to push * how to subscribe to us? * search micro signal " jiaoshiboya" or the public number " teachers of liberal " -? – March 5, 2016, "Shanghai city elite high school Mu class platform" (hereinafter referred to as the "Mu class platform") testrun classes, Shanghai Bureau of education is responsible for the management and operation of Mu class platform, first by the Shanghai middle school, East China Normal University the second affiliated middle school, high school affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University affiliated high school launched 27 mu. As of now, on the platform of 18 experimental high school and features high school opened 61 courses, covering many fields of language and literature, mathematics, social science, natural science, technology, art, comprehensive practice, these courses are the school developed characteristic development and research course, is the embodiment of the school culture and the value of education. All junior and senior high school students in Shanghai City, every weekend and summer vacation (8:00-20:00 daily), but by student number or ID number (log Mu class platform for teachers and students to understand more clearly on the platform of school curriculum and Mu class form, the 18 schools each school recommended a mu on behalf of the school. " ", " teachers of liberal education; Shanghai " ", " first education; WeChat platform will showcase for these courses. (click on the text at the end of the "read the original" – "course preview" to see each course wonderful video!) Tongji University First Affiliated Middle School Literature Curriculum chuangsi course introduces how to make Chinese learning "live"? In fact, different forms of art can be inspired, learn from each other, complement each other and promote each other. In today’s pluralistic society, the literary sentiment is not only obtained through the study of the text, the performance of the literature is not limited to only a few types of language knowledge framework. Therefore, the "literary creative teaching" to students from our loved art form inspiration, extraction methods, to enrich and improve the content of Chinese textbook learning, and solve the problem in traditional Chinese teaching is inefficient and unable to repeatedly explain the use of language knowledge to speak through the description of the existing problems; at the same time to mobilize the existing knowledge of Chinese subject to explore and solve new problems in other fields of art, thus increasing the Chinese learning interest, and promote awareness of new insights or deeper Chinese inherent knowledge and skills, broaden our horizons and cultivate their ability to cross domain learning. Finally, improve the input and effectiveness of Chinese classroom learning in senior high school. Chen Yi: Master of Chinese language education at East China Normal University, and has been teaching at the First Affiliated Middle School of Tongji University since 2000. In the "Lotus Cup", "flowers Cup" teaching competition won several prizes; in the "modern teaching", "Chinese teaching communication", "Chinese teaching and research Shaoxing相关的主题文章: