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Hiking season to the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon Lake Tourism Sohu Tianmai quest God at the end of October early November is Linzhi’s autumn season, the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is also beginning to show a beautiful scenery. From the beginning of this season to the peach blossom season ended, is the best time to enjoy the most beautiful China mountain "– namjagbrawa peak. If close contact with namjagbrawa, it must personally went to visit a Royal Lake of God Nalacuo. In the best time to go on foot, let’s go! Singing merrily, enjoying the beautiful autumn, drunk cozy bubble hot spring, the United States ah ~ the first day — big turning platform gega bridge — namjagbrawa – Forest mountaineering headquarters camp early in the morning starting from the capital of Linzhi Bayi Town, 9 in the morning to Dayalu Zangbo Grand Canyon Scenic area. Poters and before we set foot in good agreement with the starting point of gega Bridge Department, arrange tents and sleeping bags and other essential items, we along the west side of the ridge. Gega homeopathy, the end of October, the morning weather is slightly cold. This section of the road from the bridge to the base camp of the gega namjagbrawa relatively flat and broad, with the gradual increase of altitude, starting at the sound of the Brahmaputra Pentium gradually weakened, and the viewing platform at the hillside just enjoy the Brahmaputra 180° turn the best place. Go to the north of the mountain, the road to the direction to namjagbrawa, accompanied by both sides of the road were Cyclobalanopsis glauca forest road, in the rainy summer, here is the main producing areas of Linzhi matsutake, Bush road could be perceived 3 months before the Grand Canyon area of the villagers in the rain in his search of tricholomamatsutake scene. 3 hours after the arrival of namjagbrawa mountaineering headquarters, Poters mulberry said, they called the open terrain place called Ji GA village will, but in the early years, Kyrgyzstan will quack villagers has been moved to the mountain to live. Now there is no trace of the stone village, neatly piled house has now become the local villagers to short rest grazing. Stand in the namjagbrawa mountaineering headquarters on the platform, the left looking namjagbrawa in foraging horses and shadowy flags over the array. Undoubtedly, the mountainside colorful forest is the most gentle of this season. Here is the regular visitors can go to the nearest place from namjagbrawa, Pumianerlai namjagbrawa rocked by the people forever. From May to September for the season, it is full of Meconopsis and other flowers, green lawn light into a flowers of the moment. We choose to enjoy lunch on the empty expanse of lawn, the surrounding rich autumn, horses and yaks to best accompany you to dinner. After lunch, we turn to the right side of the line of dense forest on this piece of virgin forest is above the snow mountain water gega song, this piece of virgin forest is mixed forests of pine and fir and oak, birch and other components of the hard belt, hanging on the tree with moss and Usnea forest gradually more and more intensive, this kind of feeling, will let you have a moment in the Amazon rainforest and illusion, this illusion is like crossing to the film "Afanda", these.相关的主题文章: