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Hilary: welcome to FBI mail name Botelangpu reoccurrence move original title: Hilary returns "mail gate" incident Trump: welcome to FBI move [Global Times special correspondent in the United States Sun Weichi Feng Guochuan Zheng Xuan] as the Australian ABC television commented, "when Hilary, FBI, mail and other words in the headlines, will cause a lot of trouble for Hilary. Chairman of the democratic election committee, 28, said it was like in the most unfortunate moment was the rolling mill of the big wheel of the 18". For Komi move, the Hilary campaign that "very unusual". Hilary campaign manager Podesta said, the Komi shall immediately provide more information to the public at the same time, he believes, will restart the investigation confirmed that Hilary "no fault". Encounter "Hilary October surprise", the first reaction is to require FBI to publish all involved in the investigation of information director Comi said: "since the new information may be of no great importance, since it is so, it is released." In October 29th, when she was campaigning in Florida, she continued to blame FBI for attacking the new evidence that FBI had announced at the time that she had an email problem". She said it was strange to make such an announcement on the eve of the election and the amount of information is so small, "we can’t let this election be filled with noise and distraction in the last 10 days". The investigation of Hilary email is a bigger than the Watergate scandal ", is the New Hampshire campaign of Trump said, welcome FBI move, hope FBI" fix in July of this year to commit horrible error". Trump’s running mate, Burns, also praised FBI for "brave to restart the investigation."". FBI’s latest announcement has renewed the Republican camp. Trump was down woman indecent remarks from Republicans abandoned, but this thing seems to be forgotten. U.S. political news website 29 reported that the FBI restart the mail door investigation to reduce the pessimism of the Republican Party, to revive the hopes of victory. The Republican speaker of the U.S. House of representatives in Ruian announced the new progress of FBI said in a statement, said Hilary is "just", he also called on the National Intelligence Agency in the mail "completely solve the problems before, to suspend the Hilary report all confidential information. Although Hilary and his campaign team to try to restore the impact of FBI restart the investigation, but still worried about this. "New York Times" says 29 days, Hilary’s advisers said, worried that FBI pay attention to the "mail door" will make some voters against her, hurt the Democrats in the house and Senate candidate in the election, and to win the election the last few days before voters had yet to make a decision to become complex. "Washington Post", by the Obama health care reform, the national premium increased sharply, and the drag on the Clinton foundation senior aide to abuse of power, Hilary has had a hard life, "the latest progress in the mail" incident made her one disaster after another. BBC believes that the matter is about 7 U.S. presidential election相关的主题文章: