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UnCategorized With all of the high tech gadgets available to today’s consumer, it can be difficult to figure out which gadgets are of real benefit to us and which ones are nothing more than toys with large price tags. Just look at all of the camera systems we can get for our vehicles. I mean, do you really need to watch "I Love Lucy" reruns while you’re driving 80 MPH on a crowded freeway? While you may not need satellite TV in your car, there is one type of camera and video system that can really get you out of a jam or tight spot, as it were. It’s called a rear view camera; the most convenient of these are hitch mounted, and they can literally save your life and vehicle. What the rear view hitch mounted camera does is feed live video into the cab of your vehicle of your trailer, RV, or anything else you are towing. When you are not towing, the hitch camera can be used as a back up camera. As you can imagine, this system can prove to be invaluable. There are several different types and styles of hitch cameras. Most are priced under $250, but there are some pricey ones on the market. Roadmaster has a compact system with a small, 3.5 inch monitor that can quickly be set up on your dash or console. There is no heavy installation involved with this system, and the price is a little over $180. SkyMall has a less expensive trailer camera. The monitor for this system attaches easily to your visor. There are even some systems available that have two cameras: one for the back of your vehicle and one for the front of your trailer. The installation for each type of camera differs somewhat. Some cameras install directly above the license plate which requires a little drilling and cutting. Other cameras only take a few bolts and attach directly to your trailer hitch. After you have mounted the camera, it’s only a matter of running the wiring into the cab of the vehicle. With most systems, there is not a whole lot of installation that is involved with the monitor. The monitor for most systems is removable and merely sits on or attaches temporarily to a surface near the driver’s seat. Remember; knowing what is going on behind you while you are carrying a heavy load can save your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: