HK $2 billion 200 million Sotheby’s Hongkong autumn auction in Jiangxi released transcripts o icesword

HK $2 billion 200 million   Sotheby’s Hongkong autumn auction in Jiangxi released transcripts of TOP1 Channel – Qian Long Qing Emperor Qianlong jade dragon crown jewels Fangxi button price: HK $91 million 480 thousand TOP2 Qing emperor Qian Long "Xiangjiang Qiubi" Piano price: HK $55 million 640 thousand is TOP3? Vonna? "" price sub Basij soldiers: $46 million 700 thousand TOP7 Wu Guanzhong "Lu Xun’s hometown" price: HK $39 million 960 thousand TOP4 Zhao Wuji "Moonlight walking" price: HK $46 million 680 thousand TOP6 Qian Long powder type four jar a pastel burden on the transaction price: HK $42 million 760 thousand TOP5 Qian Longqing spent eight too Chi ears price respect: HK $44 million 440 thousand TOP9 Zhang Daqian "autumn spring cloud" price: HK $35 million 480 thousand TOP10’s "night break east? Map" price: HK $27 million 640 thousand TOP8 Zhao No "land", the transaction price of HK $37 million 720 thousand. It is reported that:? This year Sotheby’s Hongkong Autumn Auction presents a total of 21 games designed to shoot, more than 4 thousand pieces of art, attracting many collectors competing for the final, with a total turnover of HK $2 billion 200 million hammer, beyond before making the valuation. Sotheby’s Asia chief executive Cheng Shoukang said: "I am very pleased on the two of the total turnover in 2016 and 2015 Sotheby’s Hongkong spring line. Even if the global individual art sector market uncertainty, but Asia still showed its extraordinary resilience. Collectors of auction choice carefully, only qualitative precision rare artwork still very much in demand, resulting in a auction success." "The Lord" on the list in the autumn Hongkong Sotheby’s auction price list, "Qianlong God" style should not be underestimated. All autumn auction auction price in the top 10 there are 4 parts for the Qianlong period, these items are quite the limelight in October 5th to the end of the China art auction plate. It is understood that the 6 exclusive auction in 291 auction sold a total of HK $603 million, the total turnover rate of 72.9%. Among them, the "travel special dragon emperor yuan Qing Emperor Qianlong jade crown jewels too emperor’s treasure to pay HK $91 million 480 thousand at the Dragon button Fangxi autumn auction list. This volume is large and exquisite Royal Jack before making the highly anticipated, the previous estimate of 80 million to HK $120 million, the final price is welcomed by all the. While the other one focus of the auction by the Emperor Qianlong "Xiangjiang Qiubi" chin is take a surprise price, the transaction price to HK $55 million 640 thousand in second, far more than before making the valuation, but also set a China auction record instrument in Qing dynasty. It is understood that the Indus paint was completed ten years of Qianlong of the xylophone. On the piano, the records of the Qing palace very complex, detailed material, selected among carpenter, style and production process. Twentieth Century Japanese Antiques magnate Yamanaka Jojiro was from the Qing Dynasty noble prince hand bought the piano. Such a detailed record and heritage, making the piano in the current market is not warm without a very good performance. "The market has been the pursuit of rare boutique, this year to collect the Emperor Qianlong)相关的主题文章: