Hong Kong media Hong Kong in the mainland purchase pension investment doubled in Beijing-unfccc

Hong Kong media: Hong Kong in the mainland purchase pension investment doubled – Beijing, Beijing, October 14 Xinhua Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily" reported that the mainland property is very common, many people is a way to stay for retirement, he was too early last year to invest 600 thousand yuan (RMB, same below), did not expect catch up with the mainland prices rising tide, her book has already earned a small investment times. Like many ordinary wage earners, he too in Hongkong housing smaller than the old. She said: "the Hongkong workers’ income, how also can not afford to buy the new building." In order to realize the new dream, she decided to buy ten Huizhou Biguiyuan Silver Beach unit with her husband. He said: "too visited the fine decoration of the building, we are tempted. 600 thousand yuan can buy 84 square meters hardcover new building. In July last year that the signing of purchase, at that time, the price to buy a car in Hongkong only." Home shortly after he was too and He Sheng over the weekend from Tsuen Wan Station take the train to Luohu, then spent 10 yuan to ten in Silver Beach shuttle bus back to Huizhou, two people become the most happy holiday trip. According to what the plan is to retire too, enjoy the slow life of idyllic, Hongkong property will rent. And "the Pearl River Delta traffic improvement, Huizhou, like Hongkong’s satellite city, back and forth convenience." Also in ten in Silver Beach to buy Hong Kong leaves too, will have to buy the property renovation in Hongkong, as the son of marriage to live. Leaves too said, "Hongkong property prices, young people rely on their own power to their marriage. We help a son, the son of the burden of our lives in the countryside, the cost is also much lower, but also to help parents."相关的主题文章: