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Hong sangsoo exposure friends: Jin Minxi broke up two people from outside Hong sangsoo unmarried Jin Minxi Sina entertainment according to South Korean media reports, before rumors of Hong sangsoo director in an extramarital affair with actor Jin Minxi ultimately choose to break up. According to the official director with Jin Minxi, Hong Shangxiu has said: "the recent friendship Hong sangsoo director said" to the future of Jin Minxi, decided to break up ", suggests that alienated the relationship between two people." The person also said: "two people and not just romantic relationships, love movie forged a friendship, and we did not say the affair. Hong Shangxiu is just because of the care of her companion, is not a lover." In addition, according to the film industry related sources, actor Jin Minxi recently received invitations in French cinema. The source said: for these proposals, Jin Minxi and the surrounding people to negotiate." In June this year, Jin Minxi married actor and director Hong Shangxiu was traced to an extramarital affair. Hong Shangxiu’s wife said in an interview, learned that her husband was having an affair to change mind and made various efforts to let him, is in the purpose of finding a husband to his new movie shooting scene to see the scene to see. Hong Shangxiu even said he wanted to divorce, and with Jin Minxi to the United States, the two people in July, has been secretly married in Utah news. (new entertainment) (commissioning editor: Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: