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Hongkong nearly 20 thousand increase in the number of children retinal variation myopia alarming Beijing – according to "Hongkong daily" reported that Hongkong myopia becomes a serious problem. A study from the University of Hongkong, 10.3% students have deep myopia, of which more than four in three eyes of serious health problems; the higher risk of myopia retina variation of 600 degrees or more children, estimated nearly 20 thousand Hongkong schoolchildren have retinal variation. The 5 groups have criticized the failure of the government to address the optometry myopia, suggest that the establishment of an inter departmental Committee, led by the control myopia of children. Study on the risk of retinal detachment for the 120 Hongkong 12 to 18 years deep myopia eyeball to lengthen (average 841 degrees myopia) children, found that 78% children have been among the 0.8% retinal variation, visual impairment — retina holes, and tear off; 2.5% posterior pole of eyeball variation; 61.7% edge retinal variation. Professor Lin Xiaoyan of Hong Kong Polytech University School of optometry, normal children eye length of 23.5 mm, 1 mm per eye elongated, represents the deep 300 degrees myopia. The average length of the eyes of the children with deep myopia was 26.9 mm, and that of the students with myopia was about 15%. When the eye length of 26.5 mm will significantly increase the risk of retinal variation; retinal variation, will lead to different problems, such as lattice degeneration, snail track degeneration and cystic degeneration micro are regarded as more dangerous, can lead to retinal cracks or holes, increase the risk of retinal detachment hole crack. Lin Xiaoyan said, the alarm results sounded Hongkong myopia problem, according to the projections of the census and Statistics Department figures in 2016 12 to 17 year old students in Hong Kong have 338600 people, the ratio of myopia was 65%, among the high myopia (myopia of 600 degrees or more) ratio of 10.3%, which is estimated 22669 people have deep myopia; 17750 people retinal variation, 142 people with visual impairment, the situation is worrying. Myopia ratio 10 years + 7.5% Hong Kong Polytech University School of optometry associate consultant optometrist Dr. Wu Shangshun said, the school has been in high myopia eyes immediately because of health problems, at the same time the eye stretched, but also increase the risk of long-term risk of different eye diseases, the incidence rate of retinal detachment of the package with moderate myopia (474 degrees or less) are high 212 times, after suffering from cystic cataract (posteriorsubcapsularcataract) risk is 7.8 times without myopia people suffering from glaucoma, the risk was 4.6 times without myopia who will guide. It can be seen that the problem of deep myopia in children can not be ignored. Hongkong Association of optometrists foreign secretary Ding Weiqi said, over the years Hongkong glasses children record high ratio 10 years; myopia ratio increased by 7.5%, more than 83.3% year to 2014-2015. But the public and government indifferent, of myopia with shirking, resulting in Hongkong myopia ratio has been the highest in the world, ultimately ruin children eyes)相关的主题文章: