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Hongkong science and technology innovation development of start-ups in dense atmosphere – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Hongkong (reporter Ding Ziyi) in October 13, take 60 seconds of lift can do what? Maybe you will be in a daze, perhaps you will brush down the mobile phone, but for a dream startups, this precious time a minute is likely to change the fate of the company, and thus on the road to success. 100 afternoon, the representatives of the world’s top 99 trading companies unveiled the World Trade Plaza, Hongkong, the sky of the world on the afternoon of 13. They are eager for a fight, eager for the upcoming global elevator raised competition ", ready to discuss. They are going to take the elevator in 60 seconds "in short", to the two judges the business philosophy and business model, the final winner will receive $120 thousand investment funds. 5 pm, the game began. Reporter observed, each of the contestants are prepared, holding their hands in every kind of cards and text materials, some participants also took their product design, repeatedsilently road and several more on the side when the racers in the speech, that we hope to win the favor of the judges to exhaust all the skills. As one of the organizers, Hongkong science and technology parks, science and technology business incubation program director Mo Weixuan said, the elevator roadshow is like a leaner, more difficult than the general business briefing, players entrepreneurship competition station speak ten minutes in Taiwan, more close to the real situation. He said that the introduction of the elevator is expected to raise investment in the game to allow Hongkong start-ups have more opportunities to contact investors. We want to use VR, AR and a series of new technologies for different people to feel the future of the world is what kind of opportunity, but also take the opportunity to learn the business model of other participating companies." Mr. Wang told reporters that he took the team has participated in a number of similar games, you can harvest a lot". On the other side of the game, the discussion session is being staged. The guests on stage are from multinational companies, training institutions representatives, well-known investors and overseas experts, how they were, multinational companies and start-ups to stimulate Hongkong become a global technology hub each one airs his own views and potential issues, discuss with each other. Occasional bursts of applause from the audience, the atmosphere warm. After a round of fierce competition, the ten was born. The ten contestants were then moved a roadshow and quizzes to the event. After the intense display and quiz, ORii from Hongkong won the championship. According to Mr. Wang, CEO ORii company, they brought a wireless audio equipment equipped with ring, ring and mobile phone pairing, only need to move your finger into the ear, a voice command, can answer the call, send text messages, let the fingers instantly become intelligent mobile phone. This intelligent ring of practicality and fashion, won the judges and audience alike. As one of the judges, from the United States in the OECD partner Liu Hongxiang told reporters that Hongkong is an ideal place to start, more opportunities, the market is large, learning space is also very broad. He said that this game is a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs. It is reported.相关的主题文章: