Hospital Outreach Labs To Boost Us Clinical Laboratory Testing

Health As per a new report by RNCOS entitled, US Clinical Laboratory Testing Market Assessment, the clinical lab testing market in the US has reached to a point, from where the diagnostic service providers are expected to generate significant revenues. After witnessing an increase in the number of strategic acquisitions, the market is moving towards an organized phase, with some prominent players dominating major industry developments. Factors, such as aging population and rising awareness level have already led to create a US$ 61 Billion clinical lab testing market in the US during 2011. According to our report hospital outreach labs represent an attractive destination for acquisition to commercial labs, as hospital outreach labs are expanding their foot print in the market. In addition, outreach programs represent an attractive carve-out opportunity for hospitals to sell a non-strategic asset at a favorable valuation. Contribution of these labs will lead to create a steady growth rate of around 6-7% in hospital-based laboratories. Hospital outreach labs, in turn, might be advantageous of the existing infrastructure of commercial labs. The report spread in across 40 pages covers all the key aspects of the market investigating trends that are likely to impact the industry in future. Segment-wise analysis focusing upon the relevant information and key developments in the US clinical laboratory testing sector is also covered in this report. Moreover, a prudent evaluation of the nature of industry and sub-segments in order to understand the alterations that may occur in the short- and long-term are also provided while preparing the report. Furthermore, the report is an outcome of an extensive research and in-depth analysis of the US clinical laboratory testing market, which seeks to enumerate important industry developments in the areas of technology, consolidations, product launches, among others. Projection of future size of the market along with relevant forecasts for 2012-2015 is also included while taking into consideration of the past challenges and present market trends and drivers. An in-depth insight into the operations, services, M&A activities, financial performance along with strengths and weaknesses of leading companies are also provided in the report. In short, the report suffices in presenting information about every aspect of clinical laboratory testing market in the UK. For FREE SAMPLE of this report visit: Some of our Related Reports are: – US Cardiac Device Market Analysis ( – Global Genetic Testing Market Forecast to 2015 ( – Indian Diagnostic Services Market Outlook 2015 ( – US Nutraceuticals Market Analysis ( – China Healthcare Market Forecast to 2015 ( Check Related REPORTS on: ..rncos../Healthcare_Industry.htm About RNCOS RNCOS specializes in Industry intelligence and creative solutions for contemporary business segments. Our professionals analyze the industry and its various .ponents, with a .prehensive study of the changing market behavior. Our accuracy and data precision proves beneficial in terms of pricing and time management that assist the intending consultants in meeting their objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: