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Inspirational Have you ever wanted something or someone so badly that you found yourself relentlessly obsessing about the possibilities? I think at some point in all of our lives, at least to some extent, we’ve all experienced this kind of nagging desire. There’s nothing worse than unrequited love, be it for that special person, maybe a pet you love dearly or anything else you desperately desire. Let me ask you something else; have you ever used your imagination to attain that desire, even if only in your mind? The next best thing, at least temporarily, to having whatever it is you desire is visualization. Visualization is just a matter of closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths to calm the very soul of your existence and then seeing, in your mind’s eye, a picture of what it is you’re longing for. If you can block out all invading thoughts and focus on visualizing thoroughly, it becomes so real that it’s almost as though you already have what you want. It’s an acquired gift but one that can accomplish some pretty amazing metaphysical feats. In the book, "How Destiny Manifested Her Fantasy" (..outskirtspress../howdestinymanifestedherfantasy/), this theory is put into play as the main character, Destiny, substitutes visualization for what she really wants; to be with the man she has unwittingly fallen in love with. What starts as a simple way of filling in the long gaps of time that she doesn’t see or hear from him, spins into a fantasy of epic proportions. Fantasy mingles with reality as her visualizations lead her, first to realistic dreams and then ultimately, to things in her daytime realitythat magically correspondwith what she visualizes each night. Now, granted, this extremely metaphysical little story is fictional. Although it starts out as a real life experience that took place, at the author’s place of work, it spins more and more into an unbelievable and unfathomable fantasy filled with angels and spirits, fairies and unicorns and a couple of very gifted psychics. The foundation, the very core of this book however, is based on what unlimited possibilities exist if we can visualize and believe in what we can make happen. Is it fiction? Yes, it is but who is to say what we can or cannot manifest into our lives? Who’s to say? The biggest block to manifesting, whatever it is that we want, is the thought that we can’t do this, but can we? This book definitely gives pause for thought. About the Author: I’ve always had a penchant for writing and have always been intrigued by anything metaphysical. I’m a student of the human condition; ever curious, ever open to new and exciting spiritual possibilities. Blessed with a vivid imagination, a relentless thirst for knowledge and the uncanny ability to put my findings into words, I’m able toentice and captivate my readers from the very start. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: