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How long can the overseas Chinese gangsters stay? Chinese police began joint strike – Beijing [Global Times reporter Bai Yunyi] the Chinese mafia has so many overseas Chinese suffer, or even bankruptcy, some families. The Chinese Mafia in some countries is rampant, not only greatly hurt the interests of the Chinese community, was labeled "western" Chinese Chinese fighting "where there is a gang" label, affect the overall image of the Chinese society. With China’s police out of the country or the situation changes, this year can be said to be the international community to fight the most important year for Chinese gangs. In June, China special police and Argentina federal police force on 21 locations, the largest Chinese gangs destroyed a "brave", and arrested 40 suspects. In July, Italy City Chinese meaning Prato police raids, allegedly a move intended to Chinese organizations "against suspected of looting the Italy Federation of Chinese law at". One after another crackdown let the Chinese Mafia once again this group into the public eye: the fight against Chinese gangster action is imperative, in the analysis of complex causes of the gang, but also to overcome difficulties. The Chinese Mafia evil: murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking, brothels in April this year, one day in the morning, Argentina businessman Lin Jianwu as usual went into his creation in the southern Buenos Aires Quilmes area supermarket. There are a lot of Chinese supermarkets in the District, the store is generally not too large, not very high-end, in order to sell food and fmcg. But this day, when Lin Jianwu opened the shop door, found the door stuffed with a piece of paper, wrote: "take fifty thousand dollars, or kill you and your family! Contact phone…… So and so." Lin Jianwu soon realized what was happening, he later told the "Global Times" reporter said: "this is a gangster in blackmail and impose exactions on. In Argentina, almost all Chinese supermarket owners have encountered." After he called the police, the gang didn’t come to him. Lin Jianwu in the "Gang" in Argentina known to all. If the Chinese community in the South American country to go in a circle, you will find many shops are close to the entrance of a sticker reads "Moon" "brave" and "Xin" looks very Chinese traditional cultural connotation of words. But in fact, these are the names of the Chinese Mafia, different stickers marked their division "sphere of influence": on which Gang name stickers, store it to a "pay tribute dues". Seen in the film, Italy, mafia, Argentina’s Chinese gangs are basically the object of their own compatriots. A native of Fujian, 20 years of hard work in Argentina Lin Jianwu told the "Global Times" reporter: "these gangs stare at the Chinese supermarket, no matter who is open, such as work or to our supermarket at dead of night, plug intimidation note, are generally written" with $fifty thousand, or you are dead, you burn shop. Do something. Receive this note, you need to get in touch with them, pay, otherwise they will come, or sprayed tear gas, either directly or set fire to store shooting. Recently, there are guns to fight the legs and feet. But so much money, many businesses simply can not get out." According to his statement,"相关的主题文章: