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How much money the White House? Clinton couple 40 years to raise $4 billion – Sohu news from Clinton for the beginning, Clinton couple in close contact with the Wall Street gold master has caused the parties questioned. Saunders, the party’s rival, the Republican camp has seized on the attack on MR Clinton. However, only staring at Wall Street, apparently underestimated the couple’s amazing fundraising ability Clinton. "Washington Post" previously published reports, specifically revealed the secret fundraising network of more than 40 years, the couple built the tentacles of america. According to reports, the couple started the political Clinton from Little Rock to Washington to many corners of the globe, two people set up fundraising network in 40 years, has its political and charitable donations of more than $4 billion. According to the "the Atlantic issue" reported that since the Clinton campaign, a total of more than 400 to participate in fund-raising activities, an average of almost every game, is running rhythm. At the end of August, Clinton in New York, Long Island for 3 consecutive days to participate in fund-raising party, raised a total of more than $11 million in cash. In August 28th, there were about 200 people attending a jazz concert, with a head fee of $33 thousand and 400. 30, Clinton to participate in another cocktail party, admission fees ranging from $33 thousand to $100 thousand. To raise $4 billion for 40 years, Clinton couple of victories, in the history of the United States is second to none. By contrast, the Bush family raised $2 billion 400 million from 1988 to 2015. Mrs. Clinton’s fundraising is the winner. Since the last century in 70s after Clinton Bill? Depend entirely on the union support for the house of Representatives failed, Clinton couple fundraising strategy is changed, at the same time to start the trade unions, lawyers, technology giants, liberal activists, businessmen and other types of conflict are group appeal for support. In 40 years, from Wall Street to Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Clinton’s fundraising network can be said Everything is contained therein.相关的主题文章: