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UnCategorized As the owner of a luxury home, you already know the importance of surrounding yourself with people to make your home the showcase that it is. Perhaps you’ve employed an interior decorator to help you pick out furnishings and decorate your home in the best light. You’ve likely had professional painters paint the walls. You’ve hired landscape designers and housecleaners and more. Because you wanted to make your investment, your home, be a luxurious, wonderful place to live. But now that you are thinking of selling your home, you still need a support team in place to make things happen. 1 – You need to find a reputable, experienced real estate agent. Ideally, you want a REALTOR(R) who adheres to the te.s of the National Association of REALTORS(R). Ask trusted friends and family for referrals. Interview a couple of agents. And then pick one who has the ability and motivation to help you. 2 – Keep that housecleaner! Or, if you don’t currently have one, hire one! Who wants to feel the pressure of constantly keeping the home in order while it’s on the market? A housecleaner will clean according to your specific requests and keep things looking spic and span throughout the selling process. Initially, you may want a deep cleaning of your home. Once a deep cleaning is performed your home may only need a cleaning every so often to keep it ship-shape. 3 – Hire a landscaper. If you like to head out and weed the yard each week, then great. But most people don’t enjoy it. And it’s important that those pesky weeds are kept at bay. It’s easy for a homeowner to a little sprout here and there. But a buyer will notice a baby weed as soon as she walks up the walkway. You want the front yard (and the back) to draw buyers in, not make them shake their head at how much work they have in store for them if they purchase the property. 4 – Consider a home inspection. Sure, there will be a home inspection conducted by a home inspector hired by the buyers after you get an offer on your home. But who wants to be hit by surprises in the middle of a deal? You can prevent many hiccups from happening just by hiring a home inspector independently. There are likely to be aspects of your home that you don’t pay attention to or just don’t deal with on a daily basis. So hiring a professional perfectionist will ensure that the little things that may not affect day to day living, but may make a big difference to a buyer, will be spotted. With that inspection report you can decide to fix any issues right away, or prepare yourself for negotiations with the buyers. As they say, "fore-warned is fore-armed." 5 – Consider hiring a home stager. Your home likely looks fabulous. But does it "show" well? Sometimes just a shift of furniture or some packing up of personal items can make all the difference in a home wowing a buyer or having them make a mad dash to the door. You want buyers to fall in love with your home, not be overwhelmed by your furnishing and decorating style. A professional home stager can bring an outsider’s eye and a buyer’s sensibility and help stage your home to make it truly a showcase that real estate agents will love to show to their buyer clients. 6 – Find a handyman. There will be repairs to be made or updates that you’ll want to make. It’s just a fact of life. Remember that tiny leak that you’ve learned to live with in the guest bathroom? Now is the time to have it fixed. Still have brass bathroom fixtures? It’s probably time to upgrade. Buyers are going to be looking for even the tiniest of reasons to rule your home out and you don’t want to give it to them. You don’t want prospects walking through your home taking note of how they need to fix something here or update something there. All that is going off in their heads is the clicking of a cash register, the amount of money they will have to spend above and beyond the sales price. Make it easy on them and give them no reason to think of fix-it projects. By surrounding yourself with a top notch support team you set your home up to be sold sooner and sold at a price it’s worth. And it means less work and headache for you in the long run! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: