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How to change the big eyes Jiang Xin blew the secret: by double fold eyelid lead: Jiang Xin recently on micro-blog sent a group of stick double fold eyelid graph and text with no trace: nano one-time painless eyelid!! My master and Kenny crush magic eyes! Be sure to keep it secret! Caused a lot of comments. (source: PClady) Jiang Xin Jiang Xin we look at the comparison can be found, stick double fold eyelid, Jiang Xin’s eyes look very different in size, and carefully found PC sauce Jiang Xin also painted silkworm. For example, Dongyu Zhou small eyes of Dongyu Zhou, there are many changes after eye makeup Oh, silkworm obviously, large eyes a lot. Fan Bingbing and then Fan Bingbing, Su Yan and make-up two states, makeup, the eyes will become much larger. Many girls want big eyes big eyes, you know the makeup can make your eyes big, in fact, in addition to the stick double fold eyelid big eyes, there are a lot of tips to make eyes bigger, but as long as you change a little by the usual eye makeup habits, you can enlarge the eyes oh! So, you guys try PC sauce! First, the liner line than the eye with a liquid eyeliner eyeliner, eyeliner to draw a little longer than the eyes, which will play an expanding role in the eyes. From the beginning to realize that a little longer, then it becomes unnatural, so to combine the shape of your eyes to draw, eye extension of 0.5mm, eye tail extension of about 5mm. Two, emphasis on three-dimensional gradient gradient eye shadow eye shadow first with bright pink and white in the upper eyelids bottoming, daub more naturally with your fingers, and then picks up the brown eye shadow halo in the eyelid, different shades of eye shadow to draw the gradient effect, a sense of hierarchy. Three, draw the silkworm draw tears is silkworm silkworm bag, you said, in the lower eyelid to draw the silkworm will make lower eyelid have stereo feeling, can play a larger role in the eye. There are a lot of people is the pouch and tears bag doesn’t know, the pouch generally triangular shape, which is oval, "silkworm" bags all the time, and the "silkworm" is generally when you smile obviously. Smile 1, first find out the location of silkworm, the mirror smile, the best position is the eye folds of the silkworm. 2, and then dip the bright golden eye shadow painted with a layer of light lying position, create a delicate luster. 3, with brown eyebrow pencil in the position of the lower lying silkworm shaded, highlight the three-dimensional sense. 4, with white eyeliner in the lower eyelid on the inside of the mucous membrane light, enhance brightness. Four, mascara to eyelashes brush into the radial eyelashes with eyelash clip first place eyelash, remember to use the long eyelashes, the eyelashes should pay attention to the growth direction along the eyelashes to smear, do not smear from the roots of eyelashes eyelashes began to paint, painting half order in accordance with the middle and tail lashes eye head to smear, pay attention to eyelashes go against the growth direction of the eyebrows. The eyes have to work hard outside makeup, eyes can change 1, the eyebrows replaced than light hair color to two color, 2 color eyebrow相关的主题文章: