How to choose a high value of the sensor

How to choose a "high value" sensor faucet, tap water is easy to use, water saving, health advantages, so that more and more public toilet began to install induction taps. The correct choice of the appropriate tap, not only can save water, prevent cross infection of various bacteria, such as children hand foot mouth disease, SARS, swine flu, etc.. So, what is the working principle of induction faucet? How to buy faucet??? The automatic faucet is through the infrared reflection principle, when human hands in the infrared region tap, infrared emission tube infrared rays emitted by human hands due to ingather block reflection to the infrared receiving tube, the signal sent by the microcomputer processing integrated circuit in the post to the pulse electromagnetic valve, solenoid valve after receiving signal according to the instructions given to open the valve to control the tap water; when the human hand from the infrared sensor, the solenoid valve without receiving the signal, the electromagnetic valve through an internal spring reset to control the tap water. According to the power supply mode, the automatic tap can be divided into two kinds: the automatic tap and the direct current (battery). AC automatic faucet: automatic induction tap to be used for ac. DC (battery) type: a battery undervoltage prompt function, when battery power is insufficient, the light lit (normal voltage induction when the indicator light is flashing, the sensor) to stop working, prompting the timely replacement of battery. Faucet function 1: intelligent water-saving automatic induction control opening and closing, will hand or containers, washing items into the sensing range, leading to induction when the infrared region, leading to automatic water stop, leave. 2, convenient health: no need to touch the faucet, can avoid the bacteria attached to the faucet. 3, intelligent power saving: the use of modern digital technology, the use of DC type 4 section 5 alkaline batteries, convenient and practical. 4, easy maintenance: built-in filter, can avoid impurities in the solenoid valve, the impact of work. Induction tap selection skills? 1, appearance: the body of the whole body of copper casting, the surface should be smooth. The normal products of the coating have specific process requirements, and through the salt spray test, the surface must be no burr, no pores, no oxidation spots, to prevent the purchase of zinc alloy faucet. 2, induction module and valve body: induction circuit is an integrated circuit board, the induction distance can be adjusted; the life of the solenoid valve must be more than 300 thousand times. 3, after sales service: after sales support, can solve problems in a timely manner. ?? 4, brand: not recommended to choose faucet and sanitary ware of the same brand, because the main sanitary ware manufacturers is sanitary ware, faucet, and accessories, do not have the faucet production qualification, so more than 95% of the domestic sanitary ware manufacturers or leading manufacturers through the other induction sanitary ware manufacturers and processing and in terms of price and service are not reasonable, especially the follow-up service of high cost and poor service. ? 5, details: the product has a formal brand and packaging, the internal circuit plug must be waterproof plug, reasonable design, easy maintenance. 6, qualification: the authority of the quality inspection, there is a certain.相关的主题文章: