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Dont be distracted by criticism. Remember – the only taste of success some people get is to take a bite out of you. – Zig Ziglar Heres one thing Im pretty sure of: Im pretty sure you dont want to know How to Get Over Criticism. Ill bet youd prefer a guide called: How to Avoid Criticism and Ensure that Everybody Loves You Unequivocally til the Day You Die. Unfortunately, the subtitle would be: Or How to Have a Totally Boring Life. Face it. When you play a bigger game, youre going to make some people un.fortable. Unfortunately, in the face of dis.fort, most people dont look within to find the source of it. They choose, instead, to lash out, criticize, or get cynical. All of us have fallen prey to this behavior. (Yes, me too!) Thats because very few of us are taught Personal Responsibility. We are taught, instead, to blame other people for our results, our thoughts, and our emotions. We are taught to react. What this means is that you will most likely be criticized along the way. (Especially if you begin to experience success.) And no, Im not talking about constructive advice or denying when you make a mistake. This is about the harsh stuff. The stuff that hurts because thats exactly what its designed to do! So, how do you handle it? Here are 8 practices that have worked for me. 1 – Make a decision NOW. Marla told me that she was sick of playing small. I asked her what Playing Big looks like. A determined look crossed her face, and she said, to finally stop caring about what other people think of me. If this is you, then its time to make a decision. Decide right now that you will no longer live your life contorting your soul in an attempt to prevent criticism or judgment. 2 SWSWSWSW. Remember this: Some will. Some wont. So what? Someones waiting. An example: After one of my big teleseminars, I received an email from someone who didnt like it. She sent a list of things that was wrong with it. (And me!) I also received an email from a woman who was literally on her way to end her own life and upon listening to that same teleseminar in her car, turned around and chose to start over again because of what I said. This is classic SWSWSWSW. Apply it to your own gifts! 3 Give yourself space to grieve. Criticism is designed to hurt. And it often does. If you need some time to cry, then give yourself that gift. Call a friend who will listen. Do yourself a favor, however, and set a time limit. Then, choose to move on. Otherwise, its easy to let it eat away at you indefinitely. 4 Coach yourself. In her book Self-Coaching 101, the phenomenal Brooke Castillo provides fantastic techniques to heal any negative thought pattern. Ive had great success using her work. You have to DO the work though. Get out your journal and write it all down! 5 Its not about you. Criticism is never about you. Its always about the person doing the criticizing. That might not help when youre hurting. But its nice to be reminded! 6 Protect your confidence. Occasionally, a client will mention her unsubscribes or the snarky .ment she received about her newsletter article. My response is always the same: Why are you reading your customer service email? Hire someone to do that stuff so you can be about serving the world, not obsessing on the people who will never like you anyway! Protect your own brilliance and confidence by not engaging in activities that are likely to trigger you. 7 Give up criticizing! When you are tempted to criticize someone, go within. See if you can find a more creative way to deal with the thoughts in your head. Maybe youre being triggered by anothers success, wealth, happiness, beauty or brilliance. Take personal responsibility for your own reactions and give up the socially accepted habit of criticizing people. 8 Decide again. In the face of criticism, the only option is to decide again. Decide to keep shining and living life fully engaged. Studies have shown that the most .mon regret among older Americans is of not having taken more risks. Dont let this be you! In the words of Marianne Williamson: Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. About the Author: Christine Kane is the founder of Uplevel YOU , a million-dollar .pany .mitted to the success and empowerment of purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Christine has helped thousands of people uplevel their success, wealth and lives through coaching, in-person retreats and innovative programs, where she teaches high-level cutting-edge authentic marketing and business strategies, as well as transformational techniques to uplevel mindsets and money. Article Published On: By: Elizbeth Jenkins – Studies conducted over saw palmetto affirmed a positive effect by lowering how normally BPH targets really feel the ought to urinate. 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