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Business The popularity for rummy has spiked up over the years ever since the game has been available to play on the internet. The popular card game is traditionally played more as a family game. As internet has advanced over the years, rummy has taken to bringing its players great fortune. The game is normally played between two and four players. However, this number is usually more. The main objective for a player in rummy is to get rid of all the cards through a series of rounds and turns. Two actions .prise a turn: Picking up a card at the beginning of the turn Discarding the card at the end of the turn. The player can choose to pick up cards from the deck or ones that were discarded by the previous player. Usually, players when they choose to discard their cards, they do it by discarding the ones of least value or a high value card in terms of penalty points. High value cards generally are calculated at the end of each game. The player will have to decide to use the cards that he receives in each round in melds (‘sets’ and ‘runs’). Players are required to form sets or runs and lay them down in the meld area if they intend to throw down their cards. In order to .plete a turn, one card must always be kept in the hand. Run A minimum of three consecutive cards from the same suit quite similar to straight. Set Minimum of three cards of same value from different suits. A player wins the game when his opponent is left without any cards. Those who remain holding the cards will be penalized as per the cumulative value of those cards. Variations Many variations can be observed in rummy based on the country the game is played in. For instance, Rummy is better known as: Ramino, Rummikup, Remi, Kalooki, Chinchon, Okey, Bribas, Romme, Rummy 500 or Rami, based on the country you are from in Europe. In North America, the game is better known by the names: Gin Rummy or Oklahoma Gin. The game is recalled in South America as: Burraco, Canasta or Conquian. Tonk is the term used to refer the game played in Australia and New Zealand. The game is called by the people in the Far East as Mahjong. Rummy can be played online too as you will be able to find players who match your skill level. So, why wait when you can try your winning hand at an old game of rummy! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: