HUAFA shares in the first half of 2015 annual sales exceeded to increase reimbursement to imp pigeon blood

HUAFA shares in the first half of 2015 annual sales exceeded   to increase reimbursement to improve cash flow — real estate — August 30 Beijing Xinhua (Yu Yanming) Zhuhai housing prices listed HUAFA shares (Stock Code: 600325.SH) published the 2016 semi annual report, the first half of the housing sales increase company, an operating cash flow net activities have increased by more than 20 times. The first half of this year, HUAFA sales amounted to nearly 20 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of more than 5 times, the company’s first sales in June exceeded the 2015 annual sales of 54% last year, the company achieved sales amount of 13 billion 300 million yuan. Housing sales rose, driven by an increase in the company’s cash flow. The first half of HUAFA business activities in the sales of goods or services received cash more than 12 billion 600 million yuan, the same period last year was only 3 billion 700 million yuan, the net cash flow from operating activities of the company eventually reached 8 billion 100 million yuan, compared to the same period last year to 400 million yuan net cash inflow increased by about 20 times. Together with increased sales and the company’s payment in advance, HUAFA advances from the end of more than 16 billion 100 million yuan, at the beginning of the period is less than 7 billion 800 million yuan, which is mainly to increase the company advance floor, reached 16 billion yuan, is the beginning of the year in advance, the balance of more than 2 times. HUAFA original plan this year issued two principal amount of about 2 billion 500 million yuan, and 6 billion yuan of bonds, due to the increase in the first half of the sales, part of the funds can meet the demand, HUAFA has two on a scale of corporate bond issuance is adjusted from the previous 6 billion yuan down to 2 billion yuan. The first half of the final, HUAFA shares in the hands of money more than 17 billion 100 million yuan, compared to the beginning of less than 9 billion yuan an increase of more than 9, the main reason is the company advance payment increase sales. Year-on-year growth as well as the company’s operating income in the first half, HUAFA shares revenues of nearly 5 billion yuan, representing a growth of 124%, in which the real estate business revenue of 4 billion 700 million yuan, with the company headquarters in Zhuhai revenue 3 billion 400 million yuan, Guangdong (except Zhuhai area) contribution revenue of about 500 million yuan, Liaoning contributed revenue of 600 million yuan, Inner Mongolia, with revenues of about 200 million yuan, in addition to the Inner Mongolia area declined slightly, the other 3 major markets have achieved growth of more than 1 times. HUAFA shares disclosed in the semi annual report, the company will rely on Zhuhai as a strategic stronghold, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other second tier city core area as the focus of the layout. China in the Zhuhai area of the sales amount of the first half of the shares of more than 14 billion 100 million yuan, continue to maintain the leading position in the local market. The depth control system is optimized HUAFA, gradually integrated companies in other places, the future will explore the establishment of Zhuhai, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenyang four regional companies, promote the company from two to three level control level control changes, including Zhuhai area company formation has been in promoting the integration of. HUAFA shares the current net profit of about 300 million yuan, an increase of nearly 46%, net profit margin was 6.5%, net interest rates fell 10% over the same period last year)相关的主题文章: