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Huang Lei demonstration "girls" law field second change shaking legs spree – Sohu   entertainment; men and women love privacy controversial Sohu entertainment news news for both men and women whether should share the password? Broadcast last night, "" edge to If You Are The One had a heated discussion on the exchanges between men and women in the two century, Huang teachers are from different perspectives, each one sticks to his own view. In addition, the professional actor Huang Lei teacher also live demonstration of rogue girls Dafa, confirms the strength of affection is not pursued, is brilliant in Jiangsu satellite TV broadcast last night "" is the edge to If You Are The One! Men and women love privacy controversy Huang Lan refused to share password in this period "fate to" If You Are The One program with the other half, a wonderful male guests can go home every day and my girlfriend said the exchange of mobile phone, a friend of the opposite sex mutual delete their own dreams, insisted that it can express the mutual trust and magnanimous. The quirks of male guests brought the love of both men and women to discuss privacy issues, on the field of three teachers also have different views. "Good man" Huang Lei frankly said he and his wife are the same password, there is no hiding, but not deliberately to see the other side of the mobile phone, the image of Huang Xiaochu’s good husband again at a glance. The side of the LAN LAN teacher but bluntly: I do not want to me." Huang Lan teacher believes that everyone should have their own space, she is not willing to share their passwords and the other half do not want each other’s password. While the male guests of girlfriend control, is to let the teachers and female guests call: "this is abnormal!" Meng Meng side can not help but analyze the road: this home every day to follow up the operation room, like to be disinfected." This image representation caused a scene comedy. Special hobby Huang Lei demonstration "rogue women" law field second change shaking legs spree "male guests make intellectual Huang Lan teacher with big hair, in the program describes the true meaning of love. Huang Lan said the love between the two sides to use the right way to express love, and put forward the term "feeling not by up to the" pursuit of stalker is very hate bluntly! Feelings in the end can not chase? Show strong teacher Huang Lei then played a demonstration of "rogue women" Dafa, once again partner Huang Lan, played a favorite girls see drama at the bus station. A sermon, warned violent pursuit of girls to be cautious about boys. In addition, Huang Lei also mentioned in this episode, the boys could not be tolerated the bad habit of suddenly becomes the second "shaking legs spree", even exaggerated to the table of mineral water will be shaking, lead the audience laughed. Grandpa was a disgusted face Meng said: "this is exhausting!" Last night’s program in general, not just a dating show, but also a love, marriage, the discussion, everyone is more or less some harvest. Every Saturday night 21:10 Jiangsu TV "edge to be the one" with you!相关的主题文章: