Huang Xiaolei own daughter when take funny fitness exercise equipment

Huang Xiaolei own funny fitness method to get her daughter when Huang Xiaolei Huang Xiaolei Huang Xiaolei of sina sports entertainment news November 6th, Huang Xiaolei [micro-blog] in a brand with live sports and fitness, asked about the birth of the baby body how to restore and maintain, as the "king of comedy" the cross-border comedy agent she still funny constantly, the bursting point. Yesterday, Huang Xiaolei guest Jingdong sports, along with the coach live sports fitness. Huang Xiaolei, a sports and leisure dress, and the users "need for shooting balls from one family" and some shaved hair, not handsome. Exercise with the coach, it is full of vitality. As freaky Huang Xiaolei was asked to take care of the baby in both fitness, restore and maintain the body, Huang Xiaolei on the spot demonstration commentary, when his hands holding daughter flash treasure, let the baby instead of dumbbell weightlifting, and complete the squat action, so repeatedly. Huang Xiaolei "fitness" did not forget her daughter interaction, comfort and love daughter, warm and funny. Huang Xiaolei and Jingdong live sports not only to show the side of their own sports aerobics, with her own "bud" fitness method is hilarious, "king of comedy" cross-border broker in private is also full of delight. (commissioning editor: banana)相关的主题文章: