HUAWEI released agile network 2016 to add a large number of Solutions

HUAWEI released the agile network 2016 to add a lot of solutions of HUAWEI enterprise network product line President Liu Shaowei Phoenix Technology News News September 1st, HUAWEI in Shanghai held HUAWEI CONNECT 2016 China fully connected into the second day conference, HUAWEI enterprise network product line President Liu Shaowei made a keynote speech in the meeting, at the same time, HUAWEI released the agile network 2016, creating a cloud in the era of network architecture with SND technology. Agile network 2016 focus on solving the problem of enterprise digital transformation of the user and business mobility, production system integration, the application of the cloud. The new solution will create on-demand, self-service, managed to simple, secure and reliable network. It is reported that the new program makes use of cloud technology to simplify the network management, software defined network architecture can better use cloud intelligence. Including 2016 new agile network solutions: Cloud Campus: the use of cloud technology, cloud network management network plan, deployment, operation and maintenance of the entire life cycle, to achieve business minutes on-line, not only serve the small park, also launched a cloud management scheme in large park. Cloud management realizes the dual mode switching network equipment local management and cloud management; in addition, Cloud Campus also provide flexible service mode, the user can choose HUAWEI or MSP service, can build enterprise cloud management platform. Cloud management platform can rent a business model can be sold, allowing users to enjoy a more convenient management experience. At the same time, Cloud Campus will be introduced into the park SDN network architecture, combined with a comprehensive wireless Wi-Fi access, providing a more integrated, simple, open park network. CloudVPN: for the enterprise sustainable growth of the high line costs, HUAWEI Internet link and link line collaborative through SD WAN technology will be low cost, multi link path optimization based on Yingying WAN link, allow enterprises to save while ensuring business quality rental costs. For the B2B business transformation operators demand, HUAWEI provides end-to-end CloudVPN solutions, allowing operators to provide self-service, menu type of enterprise Internet services for enterprises, equipment and services on-line time reduced to minutes. At the same time, will provide network security products expensive and complicated with gradient and easy to use cloud security services to business users, so that it can be more intuitive to identify abnormal network traffic, to distinguish the type of application, precise control of bandwidth for SMB enterprises can gain high performance security. In addition, the agile network 2016 update also includes the realization of fine operation and maintenance of the Cloud Fabric 5 solution, the new application of the Internet of things in the elevator industry, as well as virtualization security solutions Cloud Security.相关的主题文章: