Huo crew 100 swarm was left Beijing Railway Station responsible person the volume of money missing-tinyos

"Huo" crew 100 swarm was left Beijing Railway Station responsible person the volume of money disappeared in October 27th, "Huo" cast hundreds of extras were recruited and personnel abandoned Beijing Railway Station, unpaid wages. Yesterday, the main person in charge of the recruitment of swarm Bian Lian Qing said, led by the responsible person, the volume of money lost contact for swarm workers wages. TV producer responded that the crew and the group contract expires, the first time the wages will be paid to the side of the United States, and unified arrangements for payment. Hundreds of swarm of wage arrears for 27 days afternoon at 2:30 pm, the temporary group of hundreds of "Huo" crew returned to Beijing by train from Yinchuan to play the Beijing Railway Station, will not contact with the person in charge of the song led to Beijing etc.. Many groups said that after the arrival of the station can not find people, the phone is off, but in Yinchuan as a group during the show has not yet settled wages. In the "Huo" crew as swarm Liu reflect the return before being told to an emergency group head, arrived in Beijing after the unified arrangement of accommodation, rest a few days later, the new arrangements, but temporary packing back to Beijing after the person in charge of it suddenly disappeared, hundreds of people stranded at the train station until seven or eight p.m. many people, who has no money, in the underground passage to sleep for the night. Mr. Li said, they see the August 10th swarm recruitment information in "Zhaopin", came to Beijing Changping green colorful city to participate in the interview on the spot, pay 1800 yuan after meals, and a new star culture television media Co. Ltd. signed the contract, by 81 film base sent to the crew as a swarm. The contract commitment, 3800 yuan a month wages, there are additional full attendence award 600 yuan, the positive wage 4800-6800 yuan. But after the arrival of the crew, the wages will be changed to 80 yuan a day, once every 10 days pay. However, the contract has been responsible for the recruitment of the group before the group head (for the film and television drama crew recruitment agency) take away. According to a number of temporary swarm said they were recruited by the network platform that swarm information, and are required to pay the fees, intermediary fees ranging from ten thousand yuan to several hundred yuan in the interview, and the recruitment of names in addition to group play, and assistant, makeup, post production. A group of 20-40 head management group, and is responsible for issuing wages. A group of more than 100 head called swarm, during the period from August to October, in succession by bus to Yinchuan unified "Huo" crew. They work as long as two months, the shortest time of 7 days, there are at least a week of unpaid wages, up to a maximum of no more than Yu Tian, as well as more than 10 people did not get paid to leave the crew in advance. 27 evening, in Beijing station police station, from the field of nearly 100 swarm emotional, "we are lost in the Beijing Railway Station, the group head did not say money, no explanation, disappeared." Group of 28 wages paid at the scene at the end of the afternoon, when more than 40 of the group of more than Beijing to contact the responsible person in charge of the cast for the group to play the main person in charge of the side of the United States, the 2. The two sides agreed in the Bayi film base beside the railway station of Nangong and by appointment, Bian Lian Qing was the group played a unified wage settlement, payment is completed on the spot. Group head Lian Qing explained, his small head has several long-term cooperation, in his hiring, these groups will generally take hand head)相关的主题文章: