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"I love Zhang Tielin" painting Shi Guoliang scene really comic strokes – Sohu   BTV entertainment; the "I love" calligraphy and painting famous painter Shi Guoliang Sohu entertainment admits his childhood love to read comic books, comic books "that’s our spirit is most satisfying a ring Festival enjoy the most! "When the door is a villain bookstalls shelves, hanging wire tied to a comic book, a penny reading a book, watching the scene to return. Zhang Tielin grew up in Xi’an adhere to the comic book fans themselves, because when I was at school from home to school on the way there must be two to three then the comic strip fixed stalls, some homes, inside the dark, put on a small bench, the children are holed up in the comic books, two cents a. But Cui Yongyuan bluntly, a comic book about a mass memory he did not! He had never seen the villains bookstall, his childhood can do most of the selling toothpaste, buy comic books, and buddy everyone bought one of the two, just talk to each other with don’t buy the same book, everyone for watching, sometimes even adults hide to hide in the public toilet, a happy what is forgotten, even the toilet also seems to waft the fragrant smell of comic books! Talk about the rise, Chun Ni revealed that the name of the book to see the most people"! Because he has set up a special comic museum! Cui Yongyuan quite proud to confess their love is too, from the age of seven, has been looking for the comic, sometimes even the important festival can not attend, a collection of more than 10 thousand books, the most important of these are gifts from the original comics comic book artist, Gu Bing Xin, he Youzhi, Dai Dunbang, Wang Hongli, Wang Guanqing, Yan Meihua. Not only that, this time for "I love painting", he has brought his own comic book collection made of Nanmu treasure chest, flat box bed time so he placed more than and 20, sleeping in the upper arm to help. Dream is a small book, dreams are particularly fragrant! "He is a comic Dean actually" old children "? Speaking of comics, we invariably have gratitude in March this year just passed away comic Dean he mr.. Cui Yongyuan and Mr. he met because of work, he is the kind of old-fashioned literati, particularly interesting! In fact, we have quite a lot of contacts, but did not receive a text message, there is no WeChat, he is writing. I also brought an envelope that he wrote to me today, and he kept all the letters he gave me. The two of us wrote letters, and he loved it." He remembered that he was able to draw money to buy a big house, but he was willing to keep 31 square meters of the house, but also to send pictures and know-how? Shi Guoliang was a graduate student, was a professor of the Central Academy of fine arts Mr. He qinshou. Originally not educated Mr. He think it is a great honor, especially excited about, he created many comic story, "I remember there was a drawing of" Chaoyang ", her mother see silver silver jumped high to hit" the little girl died. Silver! You gave birth to me to live in the countryside! ‘such a plot, he could have said this thing, but he painted many children lying on the wall wall!相关的主题文章: