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I will go to the 2016 Jiaxing leisure shopping festival this month. This period of time, the day is cooler, the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day two holidays are also near the front, many people are planning their own trip plans. The friends around the little editor in a hard agitation, "I heard that XX is especially fun, we go together?" And the little editor told the friendship boat to turn over. "This month, I don’t go anywhere, and I’ll be waiting for the opening of the 2016 Jiaxing leisure shopping festival." Xiaobian has learned that the 2016 Jiaxing leisure shopping festival, which is based on "happy LOHAS and quality life", will be officially opened in September 24th, and the activities will continue until the first half of November. This holiday shopping festival is a lot of bright spots, and the 12 activities of the 3 big plates will turn over the whole "gold nine silver ten". The joy of shopping during the big coffee businesses group shopping festival alliance activities, key businesses, Jiaxing large coffee businesses will opt to participate in leisure shopping festival this event, Jiangnan Building, Dai Mengde mall, Rainbow Department store, Wanda Plaza Mall will launch a series of cooperation leisure shopping festival theme exhibition, sale, purchase will so, Xiao Bian seems to have seen, soon after, wo City Mall and set off a "reign of terror", everywhere is "buy buy buy" rhythm. In addition, adding two Car Buying Festival and a Home Expo, the "joy of shopping activities of the rich and colorful plate setting exception. Chang Lexiang Tencent Zhejiang Jiaxing Music Festival in the blockbuster hit "Chang Lexiang" plate, the most absorbing eye than the Tencent "Night Music Festival" the upcoming blockbuster show. It is understood that Tencent Night Music Festival will rely on the resource advantages of Tencent big Zhejiang network, and invite the famous singer in Jiaxing music circle to bring a visual and auditory feast to the majority of people in Hecheng city in late summer and early autumn. At the music festival, Tencent, Zhejiang Zhejiang network and JiaXing Railway Station will use their own platform advantages to publicize the reports through Tencent, Zhejiang Zhejiang network official website, Tencent news APP, WeChat public number, Tencent video live broadcast and so on. Jiaxing city leisure fitness fun run, run, run and professional orientation oriented leisure parent-child running extends to the runway, Yaohan, Xuhui square, Dai Mengde shopping center, South Building, etc. the core values, the winner is the shortest time to complete the task of interest. The seventh beautiful lake Festival, this time to "promote the skills of the artisan spirit, walk the road to success" as the theme, held the beauty and make-up skills contest, exhibition and exchange in Jiaxing, Manicure, beautician beauty bride makeup and makeup Wenxiu and the level of industrial development, promote the beautiful. Diao mouth to eat off the remembrance of the taste of Jiaxing, named wufangzhai, vinegar, Nanhu lugaojian, Fuxing old dumpling shop in Jiaxing, city time-honored delicacy, recalling the taste of Jiaxing. Happy tour cultural tourism activities to meet the spiritual needs of the "Happy Tour" is the important sector leisure shopping festival, the 2016 Jiaxing leisure shopping festival happy tour plate is to launch a number of There was no parallel in history. cultural tourism activities, dizzying! The 2016 south canal Tourism Cultural Festival, 2016 xiajiadang Tourism Cultural Festival, 2016 plum blossom season ginkgo Culture Festival, 2016 delta iron steel sculpture art festival four cultural tourism activities not only let the public friend day trips have more choices, at the same time, also let you really feel the live music, there is the quality of life has been happy you in my side.

这个月哪也不去 我要去2016嘉兴休闲购物节!这段时间,天凉快了些,中秋和国庆两个假期也近在眼前,不少人都在谋划着自己的出行计划。小编身边的朋友也在一个劲地鼓动道,“听说XX特别好玩,我们一起去啊?”而小编的回答让友谊的小船说翻就翻,“这个月,我哪都不去,就等着2016嘉兴休闲购物节开幕啦!”小编了解到,以“幸福乐活•品质生活”为主题的2016嘉兴休闲购物节即将在9月24日正式开启,活动将一直持续到11月上旬。本届休闲购物节可谓亮点多多,3大板块12项活动将嗨翻禾城市民的整个“金九银十”。欢乐购大咖商家组购物节联盟活动期间,嘉兴的重点商家、大咖商家将齐齐参与休闲购物节这一盛事,江南大厦、戴梦得购物中心、天虹百货、万达广场等商场将会推出一系列配合休闲购物节主题的博览会、特卖会、内购会等,小编似乎已经看到,不久之后,禾城的商场里又将掀起一轮“腥风血雨”,到处都是“买买买”的节奏。此外,两场购车节和一场家博会的加入,都使得“欢乐购”板块的活动设置异常丰富多彩。畅乐享腾讯大浙嘉兴音乐节重磅来袭在“畅乐享”板块,最吸睛的莫过于“腾讯之夜音乐节”即将重磅呈现。据了解,腾讯之夜音乐节将依托腾讯大浙网的资源优势,邀约嘉兴音乐圈的知名歌手,为广大禾城市民在夏末秋初带来一场视觉、听觉上的饕餮盛宴。音乐节上,腾讯大浙网•嘉兴站更将利用自身的平台优势,通过腾讯大浙网官网、腾讯新闻APP、微信公众号、腾讯视频直播等,全方位、多角度进行宣传报道。嘉兴城市休闲健身跑,有趣味定向跑、专业定向跑以及休闲亲子跑等,跑道延伸到八佰伴、旭辉广场、戴梦得购物中心、江南大厦等核心商圈,最短时间完成各项趣味任务的人为优胜者。第七届南湖美丽文化节,这次以“弘扬工匠精神,走技能成才之路”为主题,举办美容、化妆技能大赛,展示交流嘉兴美容师美容、美甲、文绣以及新娘化妆和晚宴化妆等水平,促进美丽产业发展。刁嘴吃客追忆嘉兴味道,评五芳斋、南湖香醋、陆稿荐、福兴汤团店等老嘉兴、城市老字号美食,忆嘉兴味道。快乐游文化旅游活动满足精神需求“快乐游”一直是休闲购物节的重要板块,2016嘉兴休闲购物节“快乐游”板块更是史无前例地推出了众多文化旅游活动,让人目不暇接!2016南湖运河旅游文化节、2016湘家荡旅游文化节、2016梅花洲银杏季文化节、2016铁哥们钢雕艺术节等四大文化旅游活动不仅让市民朋友国庆出游有了更多选择,同时,也让大家真正感受到乐活、有品质的幸福生活一直在你我身边。相关的主题文章: