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"Ice age 5" billion "sloth grandma" at the box office breaking into funny play – Entertainment Sohu Fuchs twentieth Century held a 14 year bid farewell to the theme of family special viewing entertainment Sohu by the end of August 25th, according to the movie box office data, "ice age 5: Star Collision" (referred to as the "ice age 5") released 3 days has achieved a total of about 130 million yuan at the box office.     "ice age 5" also popular applause, plot for the film comedy role, many viewers praise, called "grandma" and the little squirrel in the movie is funny play, a play on the laughter. At the same time, as well as the praise of the 3D effect of the film, so that people can not help but want to seize the sprout of their hair. Today, this series ushered in the final chapter of the ice age 5, many viewers have expressed their dismay, and to support the movie theater. In August 25th, in Beijing, indigo, the film side Fuchs twentieth Century held a 14 year bid farewell to the "family theme special viewing, attracted many viewers and fans to participate in family activities, they have to write 14 years of" glacier "feelings in the message board:" I hope this series of re going. Really very reluctant to this series." 14 years beginning in pursuit of the acorn sleepless road to a small squirrel, acorn, had to break off the glacier had the crust, penetration, fifth in it and even to oak fruit fly in space. "Ice age 5" as a series of the last movie, the collection of the top 4 star role regression, but also hidden in the first four episodes and some classic movie stems. For example, the picture Sid to Brook, is his first "ice age" in 2002 on the wall of the piece, the squirrel cuite found the space ship, is also the first concentration appeared, in the film and on "Plo Michel J", "Mars" rescue, "gravity" tribute. The weasel buck in answer to how to resolve the crisis when the destruction of the earth, also sounded the prelude to "2001 Space Odyssey".相关的主题文章: