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"Ice age 5": fans of civil war who justified? A large photo poster first "ice age", in 2002 was born, a sneaking squirrel was chasing a pinecone on the scene, make people laugh, then this movie, though not say refreshing concept in Hollywood animation, but at least let a person shine at the moment, look with relish. By the time of the fifth ice age: the collision of the stars, it was still the familiar squirrel, still the same expression, but after looking at it in more than 14 years, the feeling of embarrassment was more than that. This role, as well as the opening shot out of the audience, I’m afraid my heart has been cold, want to see something new in the new "ice age", I am afraid it is very difficult. The first "ice age" is good-looking, it opens up a distant and unfamiliar world, a funny animal, especially a personification of the life, they have human emotions, but also belong to animal character, which brings a strong sense of substitution. In addition, early in the film, the pattern of laying too large animal emotions flowing in the movie, make it more light and warm. "Star collision" still want to rely on the pattern of the head start, the squirrel started a little big, exaggerated point, it can be a par with God, the tiny pine, lead to the whole universe order change, all kinds of collision, explosion, thrilling, unfortunately, this pattern placement is too small again, the conventional fell to the animal’s affection, friendship, this story, we have seen four times, really do not want to see the fifth times. If you’ve never seen any of the movies in the series, the Star Trek is worth seeing. It is because too much like the first, the impression of the latter three is too vague, so leading to this series of old fans, but also into a state of conflict. The fans are divided into two groups, a civil war, a think fifth is very boring, think a cartoon is a lively look at, don’t look for the accident from the film series. To be honest, both sides of the civil war are justified. Their position, because of the different understanding of the film. Some people think that the film should be fresh and full of mystery, cannot see after five minutes, you know what is the style. Some people think that the cartoon is a happy, "cat and mouse" in Tom and Jerry after so many years, not so interesting? "Ice age" series of problems encountered in the film, in fact, is also facing the plight of the Hollywood movie series. Is the release of "the Bourne 5", in addition to the pseudo 3D make the plot was also raise a Babel of criticism of, many tucao. Hollywood movie series of the other, on the whole is also facing a lack of creativity, the story continued to shoot suck problems. This is because the film series can not easily transfer the creative core, not in the style of absolute subversion, is not willing to face the innovation brought to market risk, resulting in the majority of the film series, are eating capital lying in the first grade. But the animation should not have such a big constraint, especially as the "ice age" with a bold imagination based animation, in fact, can be)相关的主题文章: