In July and she Houjinshizu into the National Archives behind the winner Zhang Ziyi –

"In July and she" Houjinshizu into the National Archives   behind the winner Zhang Ziyi – Guangxi channel: original title: "in July and she" Houjinshizu into the National Archives backed by Peter Chan, actress Zhang Ziyi Xu Yuezhen produced, directed by Derek Tsang, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, Li Chengbin starred in the movie "in July and still" the country since September 14th since the release, with sophisticated production, Swiss drama won major ticket platform scoring championship standings, scoring 7.7 Douban, this year became the highest rated domestic commercial film. The day before, "July and still" not afraid of the impact of the film, the amount of discharge sheet bujianfanzeng, after the second wave of viewing climax after the box office exceeded 150 million, in September 28th was out over a single day at the box office in the same schedule of the film top movie "westward journey 3". Since the film released in 11 consecutive days, Baidu index in the first row, in the network has universal viewing discussion upsurge, continuously occupied micro-blog movie hot list, and harvest winner Zhang Ziyi recommended by the person voice, film editor David authority Mr Noh praised the "romantic index of more than ten of" the notebook "". The box office exceeded 150 million, Houjinshizu into the national archives as of September 27th 16, the movie "in July and still" box office success exceeded 150 million yuan, over the same schedule film "anti pupil also", ranked second in the standings. The Mid Autumn Festival the film at the box office. This trend is expected to be postponed to the film National Archives breakthrough 200 million at the box office. Surrender the week after the release, the movie reputation with major ticketing website ranked first score and attendance, successfully moved over the theater, arranged in more than 10% steady rise. "In July and she" released 8 days later, on September 22nd at the box office breaking 100 million. In September 23rd by the new film "Chibi Maruko" and "funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure, falling to 10.3% row piece by the impact, but the single day box office of outstanding performance, beyond the "anti-corruption Storm 2", in a single day at the box office second. In September 24th the amount of discharge sheet bujianfanzeng, single day box office on Saturday of the second week harvest 16 million 220 thousand, press the first, create a wave of small climax. From the beginning of September 25th, the amount of discharge sheet from 12.16% again to climb all the way to 14% in September 27th, to achieve the two counter attack. With such a Houjinshizu box office performance "in July and she" was widely regarded as the industry the 9 moon city horse, after usher in the two climax, the film will be the potential to rapidly advance the national archives, ushered in the third wave of small climax in early October. The "July" hot Zhang Ziyi moved behind the sound film "in July and she" adapted from the famous baby Anne, tells the story of "peace" (Dongyu Zhou) and "July" (Ma Sichun ornaments) two girls growth story. The adaptation of the screenplay, the actor’s acting, the reversal of the outcome, as well as the role of the body has triggered widespread discussion on the social network. Micro-blog movie hot list for 6 consecutive days at first, for two consecutive weeks on the first list, "I am alone or in July", "I really like the still point, but I also have a part of July." The self return form in September as one falls, another rises, the people ")相关的主题文章: