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In the future, we can wear smart clothing – Science and technology – People’s clothing is expected to become a new carrier of all kinds of wearable technology experiments. Photo Gallery: in order to prevent the potential of the virus, some of the participants in the Olympic Games in Rio have put on a special application of antimicrobial technology to combat mosquito bites. The application of biotechnology is only a microcosm of the combination of fashion and technology in recent years. With the boom in wearable devices ranging from bracelets, glasses and other spread to the field of clothing, science and technology, the integration of the Internet to expand the imagination of people’s clothing, but also to meet the expectations of personalized clothing. Of course, smart clothing to further development, but also the need for more technical research and material development. Listen to music, phone calls, monitoring the movement of health data, smart clothing is expected to become a wearable device under a tuyere technology, is becoming an indispensable factor of clothing, and even lead the fashion trend. Not long ago, a well-known domestic clothing brand released a new smart jacket. Different from the traditional jacket, the product design of the 17 close contact of pockets. It has a step counter, control music, remote camera, missing alerts and other functions, intelligent design to meet the business scene dress needs. Thanks to the improvement of micro sensors, chips and other electronic devices, they can be embedded or attached to the fabric, so that the smart clothing industry has gradually become a new trend. At present, the application of intelligent clothing mainly focuses on two aspects of intelligent life scene and sports health information monitoring. Some analysts have predicted that, compared to bracelets, watches and other smart products, more viscous smart clothing, is expected to become the next development of wearable devices, leading the development of smart wearable areas. Enjoy music, answer the phone, get navigation information…… These things need to be done before the phone, now put on a dress you can get the. Not long ago, Google Corporation and a clothing brand cooperation, launched a smart coat. This dress is equipped with multi touch sensor at the cuff, the user can touch and slide the jacket cuff can play music, plus other components, you can also pick up the phone, look at the map. This design is a good news for cyclists, security, drivers and other people, because they do not have to risk their mobile phone. Sew on solar panels in the pocket, pocket electronic equipment can automatically charge particles containing insulation; socks, can according to the temperature difference between the environment and the human body to absorb or release heat; embedded music components, can you dance clothes according to the spectrum of different tunes…… Previously, the hope that the application of wearable devices such as watches on the inspiration, and now is the beginning of a new exploration on the carrier clothing. Monitor the movement and health care is the smart clothing application again. For example, wearing a heart rate measurement chip into the sportswear, you can get heart rate, heart fatigue, heart age and other information. In Europe, the smart clothing and health needs some motion based on sale now. Smart watches and wearable devices similar to the idea, most of the smart clothing is also embedded in the sensor to receive health data, they store the relevant information transmitted to a personal computer or data terminal, the wearer’s相关的主题文章: