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In the history of the ten most suction gold game inventory is actually a plumber from the developer’s point of view, a game is good, sales or make money or not is able to explain the problem. For example, in the eyes of the media and the game player is not good "radiation 4", sales have easily exceeded 1500W. Today Xiaobian for everyone on the history of gold suction ability of the strongest ten games, a look at it. 10, the need for speed series a lot of players familiar with the concept of the game industry are aware of such a truth, depending on the ability to attract a game, we must first discuss its money making model. About the "need for speed", the suction gold concept is this: not every generation has bright blind high sales, but by virtue of these two words long and stable, this series will undoubtedly have been recognized as one of the most lucrative series of games. As an early in 1994 on the issue of the works, as the spring and summer of 2016, the cumulative release "need for speed" as many as 32 kinds of works, no matter what kind of background, this is a very alarming figure. In early 2009, EA announced the cumulative total sales exceeded one hundred million units, now for seven years, according to the latest EA data analysis showed that this series of cumulative sales have exceeded $1 billion 500 million mark. Even more frightening is that developers have laughed Mimi think – there are still great potential in this series, ten years ago, our sales are now more stable. A remark, for the effect of suction gold is completely solid. 9, "FIFA" series has been mentioned above, the strength of the ability to absorb gold, to a large extent, is composed of the logic of the game, as well as its own decision to make money. The premise of existence, which makes the history of the most outstanding "car gun ball" series of games into the inventory of the required items. Familiar with the "FIFA" series of brilliant history of the game player who, this appears in this position is really a little suspense is not, as a core of leisure three factions (IGN point) is one of the representative works, "gold absorption capacity" series of above suspicion doubt FIFA. ADO, we look at the dry cargo — in 2010, EA’s signature work "FIFA11" has sold about 9000000 copies, after the news, EA announced this series of high-profile sales break million, it also allows the series to become the history of the game and a sales miracle "". Following the "FIFA11" brilliant, "FIFA14" has become an important benchmark in this series, the works also sold millions of copies of many, so far, the cumulative total sales of this series has been close to $2 billion. A ball game can do this point, really incredible. 8, "Diablo" series, no matter from which point of view, as long as it is to read the past two years results of the blizzard game player, probably will have the following feelings — "I know" Diablo "is certainly making money, but I didn’t think it would make so much money." Yes, with the "reasonable but somewhat unexpected".相关的主题文章: