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Home-and-Family Industrial Gloves Protecting You From Occupational Hazards What are gloves? Gloves are a type of garment that are worn over the hand for protection or fashion. These days variety of gloves are available that can be used for a variety of purposes. Industrial gloves are the gloves that are made out of high grade material that are designed for .fort as well as usability in the profession. Industrial gloves are made from a variety of materials such as latex, neoprene, metal etc. These gloves provide adequate protection to wearer from any kind of chemicals and other hazards that would otherwise damage the skin of the hand. Even in spacesuits gloves are an integral part because they .bine toughness and environmental protection along with degree of freedom of mobility. Medical profession is another respectable profession which uses high grade industrial latex gloves. These gloves are very durable and protect the wearer from various types of contaminants as well preserving the hygiene. Various types of Industrial Gloves Are: Barbed wire handler"s glove is made out of a very strong and highly durable material that prevents the wire from pe.rating the glove and also allowing ventilation to the hand and flexibility in manipulating the barbed wire. These gloves are cut and puncture resistant. Chainsaw glove are made out of protective material that covers the back of hand. Mostly leather, nylon are used to manufacture the glove. They provide very strong grip and dexterity to important work. Medical gloves are disposable gloves that are used during medical examinations and they prevent contamination of the wearer hands. Many different materials are used for their construction such as latex, vinyl, rubber etc. These gloves are available as powdered or unpowered. Powdered gloves help lubrication and prevent accumulation of moisture. Two types of gloves are available exam or surgical gloves. Surgical gloves provide better precision and sensitivity and are made from high grade quality. Welder"s glove most of these gloves are made from very high quality heat resistant leather that allows the welder to hold the instrument and perform intricate jobs with precision as these gloves provide high degree of mobility. Gardening gloves are made for gardening lovers they provide very good protection from thorns and also help pulling out weeds as they provide very good grip. Modern technology has allowed very thin and high precision gloves to be produced that provide latest protection and can handle all kinds of gardening tasks. Cut resistant gloves protect the wearer hand from cuts when working with sharp instruments. They are made from high performance materials such as poly ethylene, Kevlar, fiberglass yarns etc. Different types of cut resistant gloves are: Metal mesh gloves Food service gloves are gloves that are used in most restaurant and catering services and prevent the contamination of food from dust particles and so on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: