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Inner Mongolia "by reducing the Xilin Gol Grassland sheep cattle" breaking "a sheep dominance" – Beijing Beijing gol in September 19, (Wu Yao) "I consider the union industrial base, natural resources, environmental carrying capacity and consumption market and other factors, decided to implement the ‘cut’ strategy by cattle sheep." 19 PM, the 2016 world meat organization? Development international forum held in Xilinguole ecosystem of livestock products. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Xilinguole Meng deputy aimag Yao Yongbo in the opening keynote speech, made the above statements. Xilin Gol prairie is located just north of the Chinese can be over 180 thousand square kilometers of the area of grassland, animal husbandry development has a long history, is an important national green livestock production and processing export base, the main varieties of livestock are sheep. According to the 2015 annual statistics of animal husbandry, the alliance of meat production 2 million 660 thousand tons, of which only 15 million 480 thousand head of livestock, sheep herds of cattle herds of nearly 90%, less than 9%. According to the local government to provide materials show that in recent years, Xilinguole Meng animal husbandry production maintained a steady growth, but also to the modern animal husbandry transition. At present, the development of animal husbandry in Xilinguole Meng are facing increasing pressure of ecological protection and environmental constraints, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the herdsmen narrow space such as multiple challenges, therefore, the European Commission proposed "to reduce the increase of cattle sheep area" strategy, in order to speed up the development of beef cattle industry of high quality seed, reconstruction of animal husbandry development of new advantages, the construction of ecological priority and coordination the advantage of the development characteristics of the modern industrial system. The day before, the local government issued "on accelerating the development of beef cattle industry high-quality decision". Which made it clear that, and then continue to improve the mode of production and operation, the formation of mechanisms for the interests of the same time, will be in the construction of many varieties of beef cattle breeding base, and gradually improve the quality of beef cattle breeding to promote full coverage. The youngest Yongbo also said that plans to 2020, the alliance of local animal husbandry annual high-quality beef cattle population reached more than 3 million head of livestock, small quantity should be controlled in less than 10 million. "Intensive breeding, less high quality development of modern green ecological animal husbandry Road, achieve good ecological environment, the development of production, affluent life win-win goals." Yao Yongbo said. (end)相关的主题文章: