Insiders Beijing property market new deal just need to purchase

Original title: small industry influence the property market in Beijing new deal just need to purchase loans: the political solution is Shu Beijing first suite Shoufu to 35% will increase the burden of the family just to? Beijing News News (reporter Zhao Shi) the evening of September 30th Beijing property market regulation issued the new deal, to buy the first set of ordinary housing down payment of not less than 35%, the purchase of the first set of non ordinary housing down payment of not less than 40% (except for owner occupied housing, limited to two rooms such as housing policy). Prior to Beijing whether or not for ordinary housing, the first suite down payment ratio is 30%. The housing credit policy will enhance Shoufu ratio, especially the purchase of ordinary housing Shoufu ratio has increased to 35%, which will let people just need relatively weak purchasing power of the burden? Insiders said that the Beijing policy adjustment reflects the classification regulation of national requirements, as well as the priority to meet the rigid and the demand of the home rule. Ordinary families just need to buy most of the ordinary housing, the down payment to improve less, only 5 percentage points. The large family of non ordinary housing, then increased to 40%. Since the housing, two of the housing policy is the first payment of these rooms or 30%, which allows housing loans to support more priority just need family. The source said, according to the authoritative data of the commercial banks, the average Beijing first suite of payment ratio of 36% on average, that is to say, although the purchase of the first set of ordinary housing down payment ratio increased to 35%, but still less than the current average of the first purchase of the actual payment, so for the purchase of loans just to be a small family influence. The new deal, the two suites identified as a focus. Previously, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, has a housing and home loans have been settled respective families to improve their living conditions to re apply for loans to buy commercial housing, the implementation of the first suite loan policy, which belongs to the "credit recognition does not recognize the real". But this new deal in Beijing has shown that as long as the family name of the room, whether or not there is a loan again, will be the implementation of the two suites down payment ratio, the recognition of credit and housing". This is a more clearly differentiated credit policy." Beijing City Real Estate Association, the Secretary General Chen Zhi analysis, the family have a shelter, only to improve the investment and purchase again for two reasons, in contrast, no real family needs in the purchase of housing loans, "so there should be a guarantee that has the order of priority loans to support families without housing purchase housing, and then improve the type of demand, while investment demand is determined to suppress speculation."   Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: