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IPhone  7: the apple mobile phone spoilers — people.com.cn communication channel — people.com.cn original title: iPhone 7: the apple mobile phone spoilers from the apple new conference in the fall of 2016 there is a period of time every day, all kinds of hearsay scraper, from the exterior to the configuration details of the new iPhone is grilled upside down. This may be the history of the apple mobile phone. Currently the market is generally a new generation of Apple phone called iPhone7, but the recent emergence of a sudden iPhone6SE argument, but there are users quickly corrected that the relevant image is P. All kinds of information display, iPhone7 series of maximum identification is a new navy blue color, with mobile antenna to cancel the headset jack, at both ends, using touch fingerprint and dual camera etc.. Among them, the most interesting point is to cancel the 64G memory version, flash memory capacity is divided into three versions, namely 32GB, 128GB and 256GB three. It is said that 4.7 inches of iPhone will be in the case of an increase of 12 million pixels to increase the optical anti shake module, while the 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus will increase the dual camera. The spread of the Internet and the China Telecom recently "accidentally" released the iPhone7 reservation page, some of the new features are displayed in the above as clear as noonday. From the user’s exposure of the picture, in the telecommunications release of the appointment page simply enter the user name and phone number and fill in the verification code to complete the appointment. On the page of "waterproof" upgrade ", cancel the headset interface, wireless charging, battery life longer and more" and "Bluetooth headset collocation" and "deep blue" and "32GB ROM", "double rear 1200W megapixel camera" words, the ability of the next generation of spoilers iPhone. More from the factory Foxconn hearsay hanging your appetite, and fruit powder. Have to admit, iPhone has always been a topic, has attracted numerous onlookers slightly wind sways grass. Apple did not spend a penny, but to maintain the rhythm of the headlines every day. Regardless of whether Apple intends to do, iPhone 7 for the company on the outlet is very critical. From the beginning of the second half of last year, on Apple’s decline argument endless, on the one hand is to question the lack of innovation under the leadership of apple Cook, on the other hand, the market is weak. According to IDC data, the second quarter of this year, Apple’s mobile phone shipments in the Chinese market is the market share of 7.8%, down by 31.7%, ranking in the global market by fifth. Recent quarterly report shows that Apple’s Greater China ended the high growth, is no longer the world’s second largest regional market for apple. In the middle of this month, Cook once again appeared in China, this is his ninth trip to china. Cook announced that it would increase in China investment, and the establishment of the first Asia Pacific R & D center in China before the end of the year, but China means strong. (commissioning editor Meng Zhe and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: